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Donald trump is the most dangerous candidate for POTUS Obama to face in 2012 for these reasons.

  • He is a bona fide celebrity just as POTUS Obama is. The only other genuine celebrity in the Republican field currently is Sarah Palin.
  • He is a political outsider. Everyone is sick of beltway compromisers.
  • He has said that he will personally speld $600 MILLION dollars of his own money which, augmented with the general election funds he can raise through donations and when nominated will total perhaps OVER one billion dollars combined, matching and possibly exceeding POTUS Obamas war chest.
  • He will have no downside risk as the other potential candidates have regarding loss of currently held office or job. (Fox News commentators?)
  • He can, and most likely will invest millions on serious opposition research, with top notch investigators to dig up all he can find regarding POTUS Obama. There is plenty no doubt!
  • His is an unabashed capitalist who can guarantee a favorable business environment for companies and investors by reducing government regulations and taxation. Thereby driving massive job creation.
  • He will have a simple and direct message. “A vote for Trump is a vote for jobs!” While delivering a populist message regarding Chinese and Saudi corruption and its negative influence on the American economy
  • He has serious security personnel to protect him from the inevitable crazed leftist attack mobs and potential assassins.
  • He can guarantee that the majority of his appointments to government positions when elected POTUS will come from the private sector thereby insuring a complete house cleaning of all the anti- business, anti-American appointees presently running our beloved nation.
  • And most importantly, as he has shown with his with his honest questions regarding the veracity of POTUS Obamas original long form birth certificate, he is more than willing to take the fight to the man himself.

And finally, 11….This line of attack I call an ASYMMETRICAL POLITICAL ATTACK. It cannot be parried without full disclosure by the POTUS himself. There is plenty of ammo he can and will use with the asymmetrical political attack method. The more Trump throws at him the more it becomes absolute fact in the minds of the public at large, (excepting the hard left ideologues that comprise his core support).

The authorship of his first book, “Dreams of my Father” written largely by Bill ayers, is another example and Donald Trump has already brought this up.

Donald Trump is the only real option to beat the “Celebrated One” as he has no fear of continuing this attack method, thereby winning the early primaries, locking up the nomination fairly early and freeing himself up to hammer away on these serious weaknesses that the POTUS has. They are impossible to defend against without full, unedited disclosure. POTUS Obama knows that he CANNOT disclose any of these facts regarding his past as they will clearly disqualify him from consideration by the majority of voting Americans.

Prediction- If Donald Trump keeps the pressure on by wratcheting up the asymmetrical political attacks, POTUS Obama will refuse to run for re-election, announcing something like, ” I have decided, after much deliberation and prayer, not to seek re-election to the office of President of the United States so I can spend more time with my family, etc.” He will do it fairly late in the game, giving little time for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton to sort out who will be the nominee. If not, and Obama continues with the campaign, he will fall into the fan blades of these attacks and will lose in a landslide to Donald Trump as Jimmy Carter did against Ronald Wilson Reagan!

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