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1) I don’t know if this is a good sign, or if the rebels in Libya learned how to do PR; but, they were friendly to FoxNews and they showed their faces when talking to the news (they were not all covered up).

2) If we produce all of the oil and gas that we need in the United States, then the price of oil and gas would depend upon the cost of getting it and refining it, and not upon speculators or the Arab oil cartel.

3) We have another war in the Middle East, along with the 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; an enhanced Patriot Act, military tribunals, and Gitmo is still open.  Insofar as foreign policy goes, this sounds like 4 more years of Bush to me.

4)  Mark Steyn, a Rush Limbaugh guest host, made a brilliant observation the other day.  Adriana Huffington, who used to be a conservative, and now claims to be a liberal, launched the Huffington Post, a leftist on-line news/opinion website.  Many of the contributors worked there for free.   Huffington had a lot of money already, but that was never an issue to anyone.  It is okay for liberals to be wealthy.  But, suddenly, she sells the Huffington Post for $315 million.  Who will get that money?  Will all these loyal contributors who have been writing for free for the past many years see a dime of this?  Will their hard work, insight, and—oh, I’ll just come right out and say—their propaganda skills be rewarded?  They have worked for a low salary and no salary, and have built this little online opinion-news site into quite the media empire.  So now, will the person whose ideals are their ideals—Adrianna Huffington—share any of this money with them?  She could take a small amount from this deal—say, $10 million—and spread this around to all of her contributors, as her way of saying, “Thank you.  The Huffington Post would be nothing without you.”  Remember, this woman is a liberal now, and she believes in social justice and economic justice—so, will she back up her liberal ideals with real liberal action?  And, will any liberal outlet call her on this?

5) From USA Today: “Health and Human Services proposed new regulations Thursday that it hopes will reduce Medicare costs and improve care by focusing funds on prevention and quality.”  Yes, because when I want to save money and improve quality, the first place I look to is Washington D.C.


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