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Folks, there are times, upon hearing some of the stuff coming out of DC, when any intelligent person can only sit back, scratch their head, rub their eyes, shake the head , then scratch the head again. It has become obvious that when the ‘best and brightest’ we send to Washington to oversee our best interests and desires cross over the Beltway, they immediately descend into a world where ‘re-election’ is the objective of the day. ‘Double-speak’, it appears, is another objective of the day and it is immediately obvious that all politicians have a firm belief that it works upon the electorate as they use if practically every time they open their mouths to answer a simple and reasonable question. ‘Double-speak’ to the electorate is just a fancy euphemism for a LIE, but for politicians who want to speak what they think whomever is listening wants to hear, it’s their method of ‘heading them off at the pass.’

Space here, of course does not allow any lengthy discussion of all the lies that go on in Washington, but for the sake of current events, we will hit on a few. Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference; we had deficits heading to the stratosphere under Democrats, and continued their upward journey under Republicans, so when all is said and done, who are the culprits? The answer is YOU and I. Think about it, while we as a nation are closely split down the middle, we do, as a nation, get the government we ask for regardless of which 51%, or more, voted for the government presently running the country. You get what you ask for, and if you insist that you didn’t ask for it, then, next time, you better call out some of the 40-50% of those poll no-shows that would have voted in your preferences. And keep in mind while you are at it, never fail to forget that you already have to overcome a 40% vote deficit before they even open the polls. That’s right, 40% and that’s a conservative estimate: when 40% of this country are content to live off the other 60, then they are going to vote for whomever promises to keep the gravy train rolling, and I’ll give you three guesses who makes those promises.

Ok, let’s see, budget ‘cuts’. Folks, there is no such thing. It’s all smoke and mirrors, but both parties and the MSM, use the word to make us all think that the austerity and intelligence going into the budget debates are actually accomplishing something:

From WAPO fact check: This has become a constant refrain by Democrats — that they have already gone some distance to accommodate the Republicans’ efforts to cut federal spending. We already awarded Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) two Pinocchios for this claim, but the talking point keeps popping up again and again.

The 2011 fiscal year began Oct. 1, but Congress, then led by the Democrats, failed to pass any of the annual spending bills that would fund the government. Instead, lawmakers have passed a series of stopgap measures, known as continuing resolutions, based largely on 2010 spending. The most recent one was approved this week, though it also included $4 billion in cuts based on proposals in Obama’s 2012 budget blueprint.

Yes, it’s a bit confusing. Lawmakers mix and match the three budgets in their rhetoric faster than any three-card monte player.

When Democrats say they are meeting Republicans halfway, they are talking about “cuts” from Obama’s never-enacted 2011 budget. By the White House’s math, they have proposed $41 billion in cuts from the 2011 budget, plus $4 billion in the latest stopgap measure, plus $6.5 billion in unspecified cuts annnounced Thursday, for a total of $51 billion. But there was no heavy lifting involved, and certainly little discrete examination of which programs to preserve and which ones to cut. It’s lot like saying you are running a 100-yard dash, but starting on the 50-yard line.

If lawmakers really want to ‘cut’ the budget, then Obama should set the 2011 budget exactly the same as the 2010 budget and then lawmakers can merrily ‘cut’ away, however, every succeeding years budget is proportionately higher than the last years. It’s basically automatic. It is not possible to ‘cut’ an imaginary budget, only ‘reduce’ the projected increases, so both parties get an ‘F’ here.

Barack Obama, the President of the United States and the ‘Commander in Chief’ of the Armed Forces. Folks, we elected a community organizer with absolutely no foreign policy experience, no experience in running the budget of anything he organized, no experience in bringing two warring factions together, no experience in anything except being elected senator by the Chicago code after he rode on the graces of affirmative action for his entire life to date. We still haven’t seen a certificate of birth for Obbie, except a Certificate of Live Birth, than can be had by any person walking into a hospital. The man has spent millions on lawyers keping him out of hot water on this issue, but this is for another day.

‘Humanitarian aid’, folks, this is the most ever maligned and misused con to dupe the American people into going along with the wishes of politicians standing in front of a background of American flags and tugging upon patriotic and ‘humanitarian’ heartstrings. ‘As your president, I will not stand back and wait until images of civilian atrocities begin coming out of Libya before we act.’ ‘Nato will take over operations’ (While we run things, as well as pay for them, in the background) ‘This is not about a regime change’. Well, apparently the president was unable to unlock the oval office door from the inside as every ‘spokesman’ for him says the exact opposite. ‘We will not have ground troops going into Libya’. Yeah, so far, but as soon as the words were out of his mouth, he signs a ‘secret’ order sending in the CIA. To do what? Well, they used to excel at ‘regime changes’ (or at least helping them along), as well as political assassinations, sic, so I stand breathless waiting to see what the obvious is.

But wait! You don’t have to fool all the people all the time….just most of them….

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