Posted by Curt on 10 March, 2011 at 4:40 pm. 25 comments already!


Complaints about media double standards are the oldest lament in the righty playbook, but in this case it can’t be emphasized enough: Imagine if Republicans blocked a Democratic labor measure by absconding from the state and their tea-party supporters took over the state capitol in rage, necessitating police protection for Dems. Does anyone, even on the left, dispute that the tone of the coverage would be drastically different?…

…Republicans should pay close attention to their tactics and learn. Everything that’s happened these past three weeks — the fleebagging, the mob takeovers of public buildings, and especially the recalls — is now completely fair game for the right. Those things always were fair game in theory, but we know how the double standard works, don’t we? That’s why so many liberal bloggers who’ve been whinging about the filibuster since Democrats took back the Senate suddenly find fleeing the state to destroy a quorum copacetic. So enjoy your new, expanded array of tactical options, tea partiers. And be sure to thank a Democrat and/or union protester for giving them to you!

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