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….or, America in peril.

In the end, everything you do will be based on what you know or believe, even if it is wrong.

All of our actions are based on our perceptions,

Which are of course based on what we have learned, or think we know.

Most of which these days, for a lot of people, came from TV, radio, movies, or were read in the papers.

Or maybe even were taught to us by some union brainwashed teacher.

All of these sources are controlled by someone else.

Note the use of the word “CONTROLLED”.

The use of that word is not an accident.

If they say 2+2=5 and you do not know how to add, you will accept what they say.

You will be led by someone else and not even know it.

This means that they can tell you how to think, what to think, what to believe, what to eat, what to drive, what to buy, what your morals should be, where you can smoke, what light bulb to use, and (most importantly) how to vote.

To make it really simple; you will be a slave to “them”, accepting whatever they say and will vote to support their cause.

(“Them” being the elitists who know what is best for you.)

Guess how we got to this point.

We did not pay attention to what was taught in our schools to our children.

We did not pay attention to our history.

We did not pay attention to politics.

We did not do our own homework.

And we did not even question what we had been told by a media with its own agenda.

We are very close to being LESS than a third world country and we are extremely broke and way in debt, even unto the third generation.

This means we can be taken over by anyone with “fourteen dollars and twenty seven cents”. (Apologies to Roger Miller)

Our dollar is very close to being worth less than ten cents.

Our dollar is currently the world standard.

If that changes, we are in VERY serious financial trouble.

We must stop this stupid “spend our way out of debt” idiocy.

Time is short, hang in there, and remember to take out the trash in 2012.

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