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Violence at the Mexican order has reached unbelievable levels. More than 30,000 Mexicans have been killed in drug violence since 2006. In 2010 there were more people killed in Juarez than in all of Afghanistan. Seven people were killed in a park in January, including two playing soccer. Three adults and a boy were shot to death in late February.

79 Americans were killed in Mexico last year.

A man was beheaded in Arizona in October and authorities determined that this was linked to drug cartels.

Janet Napolitano says the border is more secure than ever.

The President of the United States has taken action- to handicap the ability of states to ensure their own security and to impair the ability of border agents to defend this country and themselves.

Barack Obama sued the state of Arizona for Arizona’s efforts to secure its own borders. In two astonshing actions, Obama even joined Mexico in suing Arizona and then filed a complaint regarding Arizona to the UN Human Rights Commission.

In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brewer says it is “downright offensive” that a state law would be included in the report, which was drafted as part of a UN review of human rights in all member nations every four years.

“The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional,” Brewer wrote.

Now the border agents who face down this violence every day are ordered to confront drug gangs armed with AK-47’s with………..beanbags.

The documents say the group of illegal border entrants refused commands to drop their weapons after agents confronted them at about 11:15 p.m. Two agents fired beanbags at the migrants, who responded with gunfire. Two agents returned fire, one with a long gun and one with a pistol, but Terry was mortally wounded in the gunfight.

Border Patrol officials declined to answer questions about protocol for use of force, citing the ongoing investigation.

But Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, said the other agents who were there that night told him that they were instructed to use the non-lethal beanbags first. It’s a policy that doesn’t make sense to Kent Terry.

“You go up against a bandit crew that is carrying AKs, and you walk out there with guns loaded with beanbags – I don’t get it,” Terry said in a phone interview from Michigan. “It’s like going to the Iraqi war with one knife. It boggles my mind. … These guys (Border Patrol agents) are professionals; they should be able to use their judgment call on their own.”

At first our government denied that this was policy:

“There was no order given to CBP law enforcement personnel – now or in the past – that dictates the use of less-than-lethal devices before using deadly force,” stated CBP’s Southwest Border Field Branch Office of Public Affairs.

(via Glenn Reynolds)

In other words, Obama and Napolitano lied.

They lied? I am shocked.

The President is supposed to enforce and defend the Constitution of the United States. Barack Obama has usurped the role of Judiciary and has unilaterally made decisions as to what is or is not Constitutional and enforces only the laws he chooses.

The President is supposed to protect the citizens of this country above those of other countries. He is not supposed to impair the safety of US citizens nor is he to prevent them from defending themselves against violence from outside the borders of the United States.

He is the President of the United States, not the damned Secretary General of the UN. If he doesn’t want to enforce the laws and he doesn’t want to protect US citizens then he should leave office and if he doesn’t leave office, he should be impeached on the basis of failing to carry out his duties.


The gun that killed Agent Terry? It was sent into Mexico by Obama’s ATF.

On Dec. 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down. Dodson got the bad news from a colleague.

According to Dodson, “They said, ‘Did you hear about the border patrol agent?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And they said ‘Well it was one of the Fast and Furious guns.’ There’s not really much you can say after that.”

Two assault rifles ATF had let go nearly a year before were found at Terry’s murder.

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