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It’s remarkable how this President hasn’t learned a thing since November. State houses turned from blue to red throughout the country, due in large part to government spending. But what does this President propose? More spending!

Another stimulus….cough, I mean “infrastructure investing.” Here he is yesterday speaking to the nations Governors.

Those of you who are in this room obviously are on the front lines of this budget debate. As the Recovery Act funds that saw through many states over the last two years are phasing out — and it is undeniable that the Recovery Act helped every single state represented in this room manage your budgets, whether you admit it or not — you face some very tough choices at this point on everything from schools to prisons to pensions.


Now, as we begin to get our budgets under control, the other thing we can’t do is sacrifice our future. Even as we cut back on those things that don’t add to growth or opportunity for our people, we have to keep investing in those things that are absolutely necessary to America’s success — education, innovation, infrastructure.


The third way that we need to invest is in our infrastructure — everything from new roads and bridges to high-speed rail and high-speed Internet — projects that create hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs. And I know that in some of your states, infrastructure projects have garnered controversy. Sometimes they’ve gotten caught up in partisan politics.

Oh boy, he has the gall to say that it’s undeniable the last stimulus worked? All it did was put off the pain for another year. He even admits in the video that the last stimulus “helped manage your budgets.” Yup, it allowed governments operating in the red to continue operating in the red. There were no “shovel-ready” projects. It DIDN’T create any public sector jobs.

This new stimulus that he is proposing won’t do any of that either. Infrastructure spending won’t create any new jobs and with unemployment at 10% we need something to create jobs.

We are 14 trillion dollars in debt and running at a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit this year alone. Gas prices are surging to 4+ dollars a gallon and the price of staples has skyrocketed….and he wants MORE spending!

If you’re gonna spend…drill baby drill! How about making us less dependent on foreign oil. How about nuclear energy. But noooooo. He wants to spend more on “education, innovation, infrastructure”…meaning unions, high-speed railroads, and “shovel-ready” projects.

He learned nothing from November.

Hopefully the Republican contenders for the Presidency doesn’t let the public forget that this spending HAS kicked the can down the road and made us worse off.

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