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It’s not often that citizens are able to get the government to listen, but in the case of breast cancer patients, we can only hope. That’s because of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed to deny breast cancer patients access to the late-stage cancer drug Avastin. Safety of the drug is not the issue. The FDA is proposing to allow access to the drugs if someone has the ability to pay for it but those who rely on insurance and Medicare to cover the costs would be out of luck. The FDA action would allow Medicare and private insurers to wipe the books clean on breast cancer patients who rely on the drug. It’s becoming clear that cost was the major driver of the decision and if the decision is allowed to stand, will have huge impact on the future of health care in the United States.

Fearing that treatment choices and options will be limited by the FDA decision, a dozen groups like Susan B. Komen and Cancer101 petitioned the FDA to reverse their decision. Today, the FDA announced it would give the maker of the drug Roche an opportunity to defend itself at a hearing in June.

The Avastin case is a dangerous precedent but one that is inevitable when the government’s objective is to “reduce the cost of health care.” When was the last time the government was able to reduce the price of anything? Competition and market forces reduce the price of goods and services. Government can’t do it. Rather than reducing the cost, the government will just decide not to pay the cost.

The only tool the government has to achieve this goal is rationing. In Great Britain’s government -run health care system, they have established a rule for covering the cost of a drug or treatment. It has to cost under $49,000 and extend life for 12 months. A dollar more or a day less, and patients are left to his or her own devices.

Is it any surprise that the head of the largest health care regulatory agency in England is proposing to chance to law to allow assisted suicide?

American health care was a model to the world for decades. But thanks to ObamaCare we are heading in another direction.

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