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The trouble in WI reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons. Springfield is a dry town again. Homer has gotten into the moonshine business and become the number one distiller. All the while an ace police chief is doggedly trying to catch him in the act. At one point the lawman stands on a hill overlooking Springfield and vows out loud that he will catch Homer. Up from the distant town below floats a faint retort from Homer, “No you won’t.” His determination clearly showing, the lawman replies that he will…only to again be met by the same response.

The unionistas are very much like the lawman. They are used to lots of success and very determined. However, in the current situation it won’t be enough. Because they were initially demanding not to pay more towards their retirement or medical insurance, they lost many potential supporters. Most people don’t begrudge those that earn their pay or benefits, but it has become clear that many unions haven’t earned theirs honestly. This was highlighted in neon flashing lights when Democrat state senators fled rather than do their duty, all to protect their union buddies. Lost was the ability of union members to say they hadn’t been the recipients of quid pro quo.

It doesn’t stop there. Thanks to alternative media and FOX it’s become obvious that this is not a grass roots uprising as is being claimed. This has been organized by high level Democrat or Democrat supporting organizations. People seeing this are disgusted with how they are being lied to. Then when they are exposed to footage of teachers calling in sick to protest and getting fake doctor’s notes, their desire to see the union’s special privileges yanked only grows stronger.

The final coup de grace to the hopes of the union protesters is that there simply isn’t any more money to be had. Unemployment is officially around 10%. Unofficially it may be as high as 18%. Most people have seen their pay cut, their hours cut, or even their jobs eliminated. They are adapting and making sacrifices in order to survive and take a dim view of those who refuse to face reality while demanding someone else pay for their ill-gotten gains. By all means though leftists, please keep doing what you are doing. We couldn’t have done any better if we’d planned the whole thing.

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