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Sometimes there is a complete lack of balance in the world.

An 11 year old Arvada Colorado boy who was being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder was told by a teacher to draw pictures when he was upset instead of disrupting the class, so the boy did just that.

He was arrested and led away in handcuffs later in the evening for his drawing. He had drawn a stick figure picture of himself shooting a gun at four others and had written on it

“teacers must die” and “music sucks”

His therapist said that drawing was a means for the boy to vent his frustration. The boy’s teacher saw the drawing as the boy was throwing it out and sent the boy, “Tim” to the principal’s office. The school determined that he wasn’t a threat but the Arvada police wanted the boy arrested. They took him away in handcuffs, put him in a cell, fingerprinted him and kept him from his parents.

Unlike Jared Loughner, this boy has no prior unsettling history.

A juvenile assessment report shows he’s never been in legal trouble before and is at low risk to reoffend.

In 2007 a 13 year old Arizona boy was suspended for drawing a gun.

In 2010 an 8 year old Portland boy was suspended for possessing a 4 inch toy gun made for action figures.

One has to ask why children are held to higher moral and legal standards than are liberals.

Twitter death threats to Scott Walker

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin

Twitter Sarah Palin Death Threats from Kim Hedum on Vimeo.

Not to mention putting Governor Scott Walker in cross hairs.

They don’t even get a detention.

And who could forget this heartwarming image?

bush in crosshairs

For pure fun don’t miss this.

How screwed up is a society which is so punitive to children yet so tolerant of death threats by adults? The answer clearly is that threatening those on the right is an acceptable norm.

The better question is “why”?

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