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Democrats love democracy until they are not in control. Then democracy is unfair.

Legislators in Wisconsin have left the state in order to stymie the process of a democratically elected government. The hate that has spewed from Democrats is breathtaking. Union members have even called for the death of Governor Scott Walker and signs showing Walker in a cross hairs are displayed. Difficult financial times have pierced the veneer of civility that unions and left wingers would have you think was normal.

It’s not normal. Under that veneer lurks the most vile of character. The hate, the threats, the bullying thuggery- this is the true personality of unions. Shared sacrifice means nothing to them. They shriek and revolt at the possibility of doing with a little less but not for one second are they hesitant to force the taxpayer to do with less. They cling to the necks of the taxpayers with vampiric tenacity, ever ready to drain the victims entirely.

No one should ever mistake unions as being civil, whether they drops bags of cement on buses or stomp on private property and terrorize teenagers.

Obama and Nancy Pelosi have made clear their support to this insurrection.

Teachers in Wisconsin are hardly impoverished. The average salary and benefit package for teachers in Wisconsin is worth more than $100,000 per year.

Teachers abandoned their jobs to participate in the protests and probably will want to be paid for their time.

The appearance of a race baiting demagogue will almost certainly see the overwhelmingly white protest crowd portrayed as racial victims.

Desertion seems to the main course at La Casa Wisconsin. Democrat legislators, facing certain defeat from Republicans hell bent on being financially responsible fled the state, preventing a vote in the Wisconsin State Senate. One of the escapees who ripped apart the democratic process, tore the state apart and shut down the government, Sen. Joe Erpenbach (D-Stupid) said this:

“That really, truly is up to the governor,” he told The Associated Press in an interview Friday at a downtown Chicago hotel. “It’s his responsibility to bring the state together. The state is not unified. It is totally torn apart.”

Governor Scott Walker would like nothing better than to bring the state together, but it was the idiot Democrats who left the state. Walker has dispatched the State Police to retrieve the truants.

Erpenbach compounded his disingenuousness.

“We all didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to do this,” he added. “The only other option we had to slow things down, was to leave.”

They have also indicated that they are prepared to stay away for weeks. As of 2009 Wisconsin legislators were paid $49,000 per year. Presumably, they are not paid to play hooky in Chicago hotels.

Why was it necessary to “slow things down”? Voters gave Republicans a 19-14 edge in the Wisconsin Senate and republican democracy was working according to the state Constitution.

The truth is that Wisconsin teachers are derelict and Wisconsin democrats have violated their oaths of office. Wisconsin teachers have thrown students over for their own avarice. Wisconsin democrats are subverting democracy. They are trampling the rights of the voters.

It is sedition.

There was a vote and democrats ignore it. The people spoke but democrats are deaf to them. They have no right to “slow things down” for weeks. It’s not part of the job description.

Governor Walker ought to channel Ronald Reagan and declare their seats vacant and hold immediate elections to replace them and if teachers abandon their students again they too should be shown the door. This sad episode proves that democrats have no use for democracy when it doesn’t serve their aspirations and further proves that unions could not give a tinker’s damn about the general good.


Update: Teacher strikes are illegal in Wisconsin but a judge won’t enforce the law.

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