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The Forsaken Of Iran, The Ugly American Protects His Unions

President Obama and the DNC are supporting unrest against legal legislative processes in Wisconsin and plan other such moves in more states that are planning to legislate financial responsibility, while ignoring the plight of demonstrators for Democracy against an Islamic Regime in Iran and the Tenth Amendment and after encouraging the overthrow of one of our most important allies in the Middle East.

There is an ugliness to this behavior that can no longer be ignored. States have sovereignty, under the Tenth Amendment that is being attacked by President Obama and his henchmen within the Democratic National Committee, the message is clear: we will attack any other states with our thugs if you try to mess with our unions or legislate financial responsibility.

The line in the sand is being drawn with the sword hand of Obama, the same one that favors Fundamentalist Islamic Regimes and unions. His, “Get in their face” strategy will hopefully not devolve into his “bring a gun” instructions, but undeniably his thug mentality projection to supporters has taken root. In this case it is designed to derail a legitimate legislative process of the state of Wisconsin that is trying desperately to stay solvent without laying off thousands of those same workers who are demonstrating.

On February 14, Democrat state legislature members left the state and went into hiding to prevent the state legislature from conducting official state business. Since a certain number of lawmakers must be present to vote, the Democrats couldn’t affect the outcome, so they prevented the vote by disappearing.

President Obama’s WI state director for his campaign apparatus, Dan Grandone, cried out in a dramatic emotional appeal by accusing Governor Scott Walker of “ignoring Wisconsin voices today and asking for the power to drown them out permanently tomorrow”. Of course Grandone is referring to the union voices and not those of the public, since the Democrats were defeated in both the state Assembly and Senate and gave Governor Walker a victory by six points, the same margin that Democrats declared as a landslide in the election of Obama.

The protesters are carrying placards that compare Governor Walker to Hitler, Mussolini, and Mubarak while at least one placard showed Governor Walker’s face in the cross hairs of a rifle scope, making a mockery of the Democrats and their denouncement of “Hate filled rhetoric”.

The irony of the situation is that the unions have created a class of entitlement, a sub group of elitists whose duty it is to march and raise Hell when their position or that of their leaders, President Obama and the Democrat National Committee is threatened. Thus Obama has his army of civilian storm troopers to do his bidding, the unions and their unwavering support of their leader. These civilian storm troopers, some of whom earn over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits consider themselves above the law and normal professional conduct. Many lied by calling in sick to shut down the schools and had the audacity to march their students to the protests without parental permission. Assumed immunity from prosecution seems to also be a benefit of being part of the entitlement groups of Obama; unfortunately, this works against the rule of law and the fabric of American Society; again, the great uniter is fueling class warfare within the country and encouraging citizens to break state laws and follow the wishes of our great teleprompter reader.

The public spoke in November, they spoke to end the entitlement of unions in state government and the endemic fraud, abuse, waste, as well as the profligacy and financial irresponsibility that have become the standards for the Democrat Party. While America is bleeding, Obama holds out the poisoned apple of becoming a follower of his and joining in the ranks of the entitled and have the rest of America support you in the lifestyle of a Useful Idiot.

The drastic demands that are being legislated: public sector employees are expected to contribute half of their pension fund costs, 12% of their health care costs, and to lose collective bargaining rights over everything but pay. The public realizes that while 10% of the homes in North America are vacant because of foreclosure and many more are on the verge and Americans are making adjustments to just stay afloat economically, these public sector employees are living as if there was still a boom going on, thus they appear to be selfish and unreasonable in much the same light as our president, with his extravagant lifestyle, who is being seen more and more as the Ugly American who is conducting the presidency as if it were a corrupt union office rather than a formidable world power.

While our Ugly American President has backed similar demonstrations in Ohio and Indiana against the legal Democratic processes of our sovereign states, he ignores a call for democracy in Iran in favor of a repressive but fundamentalist Muslim extremist government. Perhaps the students who are being hanged, shot, and tortured should declare themselves as trade unionists and create a moral dilemma for the Ugly American.

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