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Oh boy:

Most macabre abortion defense of the night so far: Just a little while ago on the floor, Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore argued that abortion was better for unplanned babies than a life “eating Ramen noodles” or “mayonnaise sandwiches.”

Wow…..just wow.

What a perfect illustration of the liberal mindset, and it comes from one of the most ignorant Democrats in the house. I mean I’m pretty sure many of us had to eat Ramen in our younger days due to finances. Guess its a good thing our mothers didn’t abort us worrying about that fact eh?


It gets better:

Jill Stanek notes another jaw-dropper from Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “This is not about abortion, this is about saving lives.”

What are these idiots spouting lunacy for? Why they are pissed off that the GOP is trying to defund Planned Parenthood.

From 2002-2008, Planned Parenthood received more than $342 million in federal taxpayer money through Title X funding alone. In its 2008-2009 annual report, Planned Parenthood revealed that it received $363.2 million in various federal, state, and local government grants and contracts for that fiscal year, a significant increase from the prior year. During that same time period, they performed an unprecedented 324,008 abortions, which equates to 888 abortions each and every day.

If the number of abortions performed alone doesn’t convince you of Planned Parenthood’s agenda, just compare that number with other services the organization provides to pregnant women. In 2008, their number of adoption referrals dropped a staggering 51 percent from the prior year to a meager 2,405. Additionally, the number of prenatal clients they served was less than 0.09 percent of the total services provided by Planned Parenthood in 2008. Pregnant women seeking help from Planned Parenthood were 27 times more likely to receive an abortion than to receive prenatal care or be referred for adoption. That is an appalling and heartbreaking statistic.

Abortion is legal. Federal financing of those abortions shouldn’t be.

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