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The Food Liberation Army describes itself this way:

As citizens we have lost faith in the political system and its values; politicians who are allowed to do anything and still remain in power. As consumers, we are tired of making a difference by our purchasing decisions, as well as faceless companies whose only value is money. We want our lives back.

We gathered a group of people who think alike.
And Food Liberation Army was born
It has a simple task:
To liberate man from systems bigger than him or her.
Fight the power where the power does not belong.
Return decisions on our own lives back to us.
To move from words to deeds.

The FLA is a group based in Finland who campaign for ethnically produced food. In early February they “kidnapped” Ronald McDonald to protest various alleged food offenses. In a video they declared their demands.

Their demands went unmet and consequently they “executed” Ronald. They beheaded him.

Although this is supposed to be a spoof, it’s not funny. Not at all. There are likely more than a few people who would find this in extremely poor taste. The images they created are a painful reminder of another terrible incident.

The FLA reproduced the grisly scene right down to the cowardly cloaked faces. It was a publicity stunt but it is highly likely to backfire, with the FLA earning only the enmity they richly deserve.

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