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There is a point at which we, as a nation, need to have a national strategy with regards to Muslims. Most people are completely uneducated about Muslim ideology and believe that the problem with Muslims is a handful of crazies who give the rest of Muslims a bad name. People who think like this are unable to process much of reality: e.g., millions of Muslims rioting and killing people over a silly cartoon; or the fact that millions of Muslims celebrated 9/11 by dancing in the streets.

First of all, we need to recognize that Islam is a worldwide problem. And it is a human problem (just as communism is a human problem), it is not simply a religion. We do not have concerns about Buddhism, Judaism, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. There is no reason to. When there is a man-caused disaster somewhere, we do not suddenly think, maybe it is those pesky Mormons down the street. When such a bombing or shooting takes place, almost all Americans, apart from those who work for the media or for homeland security, think, Muslims.

Worldwide, there have been approximately 17,000 Muslim attacks since 9/11 and every year, about 10,000 people are killed by Muslim attacks. They know we are in a war; many of us do not.

The best place for you to initially educate yourself is at Islam: The Religion of Peace. There, you can see that Muslims attacks occur daily, all over the world, primarily targeting innocents. Even if you want to delude yourself and say, “Well, that is only 1% of Muslims that do that.” That is 1 million people, which is a pretty formidable army.

Within the United States, we need to have 2 approaches: we need to revamp our sedition laws and make them very specific, so that they clearly define traitorous behavior by Muslim-Americans, but cannot be used to silence either political party or political dissent. Then the FBI needs to be involved in surveillance and sting operations throughout the United States, concentrating on mosques. When sedition is encouraged in the mosque, then that mosque needs to be shut down. I am fully aware that is going to be troublesome for some, and it may even result in some violence by Muslims. However, Islam is not simply a religion; it is an all-encompassing political movement which seeks to circumvent and eventually supplant whatever governmental system is in place where they live. This is why Muslim communities within a non-Muslim government will first attempt to establish sharia law within their communities, and then, as their population grows, continue to expand the boundaries of sharia law.

The second approach is immigration control. Personally, I am for completely stopping the influx of nearly all Muslims from other countries. However, I doubt that will happen. However, the key is Muslim population concentration. At 1-2%, Muslims tend to live peacefully, side-by-side with those of their host country. Once this percentage is exceeded, then Muslims begin to act more and more crazy.

One of the best educational videos on this is:

There are several excellent videos on Muslims throughout the world, and these are routinely removed from YouTube “by the user.”

Our foreign policy should encourage the Muslim countries with whom we do business to be more moderate, and not to broadcast anti-American programs on their airwaves (by anti-American, I refer to programs where young children at age 2 or 3 are taught by cartoons to want to kill infidels in the west). If you are not aware of this, you need to get “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West;” or at least view some of its trailers here.

When we are militarily involved in Muslim countries, we need to (1) establish bases within those countries and (2) encourage freedom of religion (as a part of a bill of rights) within that country. When we establish a democracy or help to encourage a democracy, this needs to include a bill of rights. This is our great failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Christians are still routinely persecuted and the proclamation of the gospel is illegal.

Finally-and this will be very difficult for Americans to stomach-we have to prepared to go to war with any Muslim country, and to be willing to destroy much of its population, if necessary. Don’t misunderstand me; I am not recommending that we go to war against any Muslim nation; however, if such a war becomes necessary, then we need to go into it full force, nothing held back. Muslims do understand strength and the willingness to fight. Will we still be the Big Satan? Of course will. But if we are provoked into a war, we must make certain that, the end result is, they will not desire another war for a very long time. This involves national resolve, and I don’t know if this exists in the United States.

Wars between nations and Muslims have been going on for centuries. This is not a new thing. This is where we are heading, and to think otherwise is simply burying your head in the sand. How is this different from Communism? Most Communist leaders do not want to die; they arewilling to sacrifice millions of their own men in war, but they themselves do not want to die. They enjoy their power and riches and partaking in a western-style prosperity. In a nuclear world against any communist nation, there is a reasonable chance that America will go to cut off the head of a Communist foe (i.e., attempt to kill the leaders). That real threat keeps the peace between us and them.

Muslims, on the other hand, see Jihad as their pathway to heaven, and many even desire the chance to die in a war with infidels. Not all Muslim leaders are this willing to die, but it appears as though some might be. It is at that point, a Muslim nation becomes more dangerous than anything we have ever faced as a free nation.

Part of our remaining a free and prosperous nation is having a clear domestic and foreign policy with regard to Islam. We need the ability to recognize evil and, if necessary, willingness to confront it head-on.

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