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The chaos in Egypt as presented by the MSM is one of an oppressed population fed up with years of totalitarian rule using the Internet to spontaneously cry for their freedom. The MSM from the beginning has been characterizing President Barack Obama as the one calling for peace, reason and restraint from the demonstrators and the Egyptian government. The MSM for it’s part is playing the Egyptian government’s efforts to protect itself and calm civil unrest as the efforts of an oppressive government attempting to crush the people’s aspiration for freedom.

As usual, the MSM doesn’t tell the facts that aren’t convenient to the narrative. Chris Matthews curiously began dissembling for the Obama Administration by claiming that this unrest was all George W Bush’s fault. Now why would Chris Matthews claim it’s Bush’s fault when he’s been out of office for two full years? Why indeed? Could it be that he knows full well that the Obama Administration since taking office has worked with opponents of Egypt’s lawful government and instead instigated this uprising?

By making the ridiculous charge that it was George W Bush’s fault, Chris Matthews is attempting to create the moral equivalence of absurdity to cover for Barack Obama when it is finally exposed that he was the one who helped destabilize the government of Egypt. That’s right, the Obama Administration has been interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign country that is our ally.

On December 30, 2008 the American Ambassador to Egypt sent a secret dispatch to the State Department detailing the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of an umbrella group to overthrow the government. We can thank Wikileaks for that information. (Barack Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009. While technically received during the final days of the Bush Administration, no action was taken until Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.) This dispatch was sent to the US Secretary of State and held for review by Hillary Clinton. So both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were fully informed of the overthrow plot of a US ally and not only did nothing but in fact took every effort to hide the identity of the plotters from the Egyptian government.

Furthermore, they helped the plotters attend meetings outside of Egypt in New York at the expense of the State Department! Does anyone really believe that the Secretary of State wouldn’t inform or forget to inform the President of the US of a serious plot to overthrow one of its allies? Now you didn’t hear that from the MSM did you? It’s one thing to encourage a dictator to liberalize their political workings, it’s quite another to forment an overthrow of that government, a US ally. Apparently, some form of the Journolist is still functioning and the daily calls between the White House and select MSM “journalists” are still taking place to manage the news flow or narrative.

The AP headline, “Egyptian reform leader calls for Mubarak to resign”, is typical of the MSM dissembling being foisted upon an unwary public. If you don’t know whom Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei is then you would think this is a yearning for freedom and individual rights, and you would be wrong. Nobel Peace laureate indeed…ElBaradei is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Who is the Muslim Brotherhood? It is a radical Sunni Islamist organization bent on creating a Sunni Islamic Republic, a theocratically run government much like that in Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of murder and assassination in Egypt. It was the Muslim Brotherhood who assassinated Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel. They also were responsible for numerous murders of tourists in an attempt to collapse Egypt’s economy. Not only are they not a friend of Israel neither are they a friend of the US. The State Department designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in 2005. Yet, here we see the State Department under the Obama Administration consorting and giving aid to a terrorist group plotting to overthrow the government of Egypt. You didn’t see that in the MSM reporting, did you?

In 2009 President Barack Obama met secretly in Washington DC with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. What did they talk about? The weather? Global Warming? We can only assume it was about their plans to overthrow the government of Egypt. What in the world was the President of the United States thinking in meeting with a terrorist organization??? What, the MSM didn’t report that little tidbit? This was the same time period Obama went on his apology tour of the world saying the US was wrong in meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and what do we see here? Barack Obama meddling in the internal affairs of Egypt.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking to form a new government in Egypt under the guise of a Unity Government. They were also involved in the demonstrations. The demonstrations were not spontaneous, they were planned by the Muslim Brotherhood. The events in Tunisia were the perfect segway for them to co-opt the idea of freedom from repression to cause rioting and instability in Egypt. If the events in Tunisia didn’t happen, they would have had to create an event on their own, it was their plan all along and Barack Obama was privy to that plan via the State Department headed by Hillary Clinton.

Now that I have filled in a few facts that the MSM’s narrative has neglected to inform the world, let’s connect the dots and the implications. Carter the second strikes again. Just as the arguably most incompetent President in the history of the US, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama has made the EXACT same mistakes in the Middle East. He has undermined a key US ally in the Middle East who was pivotal in triangulating against Iran and keeping the peace with Israel. Barack Obama like the typical liberal he is sowed the seeds of this human disaster when he met secretly with the Muslim Brotherhood to encourage them in their plans to overthrow Mubarak. Barack Obama by meeting with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood gave the Imprimatur of US consent in the overthrow of an ally. Then Obama has the nerve to tell the Egyptian government to use restraint against an insurrection instigated by radical Muslims? In other words in typical lib speak, you should let yourself be defenseless and be defeated because it suits our secret desire to see you fail.

For context, let’s compare this to what happens in the US during civil disturbances like Watts or the LA riots. The National Guard is called out and then depending on the level of violence they shoot to kill. But Liberals would have you believe governments who defend themselves against civil unrest by calling out the military are evil oppressive regimes. So is the US an evil repressive regime because they use the National Guard to suppress civil unrest? You be the judge here because the MSM is engaging in a full court press of propaganda vilifying the Egyptian government to rationalize why the Muslim Brotherhood would be better at running the country than Mubarak.

If you will remember and for those not around in the 1970s, it was Jimmy Carter who undermined the Shah of Iran, a staunch US ally in the Middle East. Carter’s efforts encouraged Ayatollah Khomeni to return to Iran, which gave us our current aggressive expansionist regime and enemy in the Middle East. Now Obama, not wanting to be topped has set the stage for Egypt to fall into chaos and be taken over by yet another radical regime using the US and Israel as their convenient punching bag for endless vilification. You know, when you play with fire you run the risk of getting burned. Barack Obama has literally set the Middle East on fire by his incompetent handling of the situation.

A horrific set of events will come into play if the Muslim Brotherhood is successful in setting up a Sunni theocratic state, mass bloodletting between it and Shiite Iran. For over a thousand years Sunnis and Shiites have been literally slaughtering each other over accusations of heresy against each other. Few in the West can even conceive of the blood letting that these two groups are capable of doing to each other. The news reports during the Iraq terrorism campaign by al Qaeda did not give a complete picture thanks to the MSM attempting to hide the sectarian reason for the violence from, a Sunni terrorist group engaged in mass murder of Shiites in the market place, schools and public places. Given the imperialistic aims of Iran to spread the dominance of their Shiite version of Islam, a Sunni theocratic state in Egypt would be obligated to counter this dominance by supporting an increasing use of terrorism everywhere in the Middle East in a bloody version of the cold war. Saudi Arabia, the home of Mecca would become a focal point of their struggle. Both Shiites and Sunnis hold Mecca as their holy city and as such Iran covets the hold of Sunnis and especially Saudi Arabia. Nothing good can possibly come of a Sunni theocratic state in Egypt, we need only look at Iran for the results. Barack Obama’s meddling just set the stage for Iran to become even more aggressive in their expansionist (Imperialist) aims on the Middle East.

If I were in the Saudi ruling family, right now I would be looking over my shoulder wondering what has Barack
Obama done behind my back? Even Hugo Chavez was taken aback by Obama’s double dealing with Mubarak. That says something. Take note Saudi Arabia, when a Democrat is in office, watch your back. In fact, if you are a US ally anywhere in the world you now know any expectation of support from a feckless US government is merely delusional wishful thinking. And you wonder why so many countries of the world would rather have China or Russia as a friend? Do they stab their allies in the back like Obama has done to Egypt?

Yes, connecting the dots reveals that Obama deliberately destabilized Egypt in the naive belief that appeasing radicals will take us off their target list. Appeasement never works, it only ensures the day of reckoning. The only acceptable position here is to believe that Barack Obama is incompetent. Because no one can possibly believe anyone could be so evil as to sacrifice the lives of thousands (a hundred and counting so far), lose a dependable US ally and make the situation in the Middle East worse, thus foolish or naive is the only believable motivation. It’s called Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

Egypt was NOT an enemy of the US but in fact a supporter of our interests in the Middle East. Is it unlawful to instigate regime change in a country that is NOT our enemy? If so confirmed that Obama condoned and advanced this plot to destabilize Egypt he must be impeached otherwise the US will have zero credibility in the world. Furthermore, who in Congress was consulted with regarding this regime change operation? Was the
Foreign Intelligence Committee notified of this action? What Congressional oversight committee was informed of Barack Obama’s plan to overthrow the government of Egypt?


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