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Tim Pawlenty goes after Obama during this interview on Fox…making the point that Obama has entered campaign mode, meaning….he is making NO decisions other then voting present: (h/t Hot Air)

Obama has all this soaring rhetoric but the fact of the matter is he’s chicken when it comes to the real issues.

The WSJ wrote an editorial a few days ago pointing out the very same thing:

The deficit is awful and must be cut, entitlements are unsustainable and must be addressed, the tax code hurts growth and must be reformed, and government should be smaller and more efficient, but don’t look to Mr. Obama for ideas on how to fix any of this. Go ahead and cut spending and Medicare if you want, Republicans. The President will get back to you with his reply as time and politics allow.

After you, Congressman Ryan.

As political strategy, perhaps this will turn out to be shrewd. Republicans will advance their budget and spending cuts, Democrats will attack them, the voters will sour, and Mr. Obama will ride to re-election. It happened in 1996.

As leadership, however, this is an abdication that contradicts Mr. Obama’s rhetorical flourishes about a new bipartisanship and the need “to merge, consolidate and reorganize the federal government.” Beyond his welcome if vague support for reducing corporate tax rates in return for closing loopholes, Mr. Obama offered not a single new idea or spending cut. The bulk of his address was devoted to his familiar priorities that he said Republicans should spend more on. Green energy subsidies. High-speed rail!

At least the address had good timing, because less than 12 hours later the Congressional Budget Office released its annual budget review and exposed how deep the fiscal mess really is. Even CBO dared to call it “daunting,” which for these budget gnomes is a primal scream.

Eighteen months after the recession formally ended, the federal deficit for fiscal 2011 (through September) is expected to increase once again, this time to $1.48 trillion, or 9.8% of GDP. That’s a share of GDP topped since World War II only by the 10% reached in Mr. Obama’s first year in office, when at least the recession was an excuse. The annual deficit in the 1980s never exceeded 6% of GDP.

Is Pawlenty now running for President? Not sure, don’t care. What is official though is that the current President has already started running for another term. He gave a SOTU speech filled with that oh so familiar Obama rhetoric about trains and green energy but didn’t say much, if at all, about the real problems we face. We’re standing on a ledge here and one strong gust of wind will send our country down a financial cliff. Millionaire’s tax? Canceling oil subsidies? Tax tax and tax some more?

Even if we put all that into place it wouldn’t make a dent, most especially after all those taxes ensure our economy grows as little as possible.

And what do we get today from our President?

As much of Washington kept its gaze on protests in Egpyt on Monday, President Obama’s Cabinet sought to turn attention to “Startup America,” the administration’s new campaign designed to put the focus on jobs and inspiring Americans to think like entrepreneurs.

More slogans…more rhetoric.

Punt the tough decisions and come up with some cool slogans.

Ace is behind Pawlenty calling Obama a chicken and believes he needs to go further. Obama is a coward:

He’s a coward. He has abdicated leadership on this issue, entirely, and feels that it’s best if he does nothing at all about these things, because doing so might cost him the 2012 election.

But what is the point of a presidency if the president intends to just mark time for another four years as the nation spirals further into fiscal chaos?

“We do big things,” Obama said. A pity Joe Wilson didn’t speak up to say “You lie!”

It is time to call a coward a coward, and call him that early and often. The 2012 season is upon us, begun by Obama in his signature voting-present, say-nothing-interesting-and-hope-to-get-by-on-demeanor style.


So what’s Obama’s excuse for inaction? Even as far as the only thing that’s important to him — ego, bragging rights, being the center of attention — an attempt to do something good and right won’t end up hurting him much.

A coward is a coward. With two years left on his term Obama has already decided to be a lame-duck because that’s the path of least resistance. His allies in the media will carry him, he figures, praising him for boldness and transformational effect even when he demonstrates none at all.

We have to fight that. He’s a goddamned coward and he’s destroying this country just so he can be remembered as a two-termer. A do-nothing two-termer, but who cares? As long as he gets to keep reading words off a TelePrompTer.

What tough decisions has this President made? None, nada, zip. He punts and punts so that all will like him. We don’t need someone likable who can give a good speech as our leader, we need someone who doesn’t give a damn if he is liked and who will make the tough decisions that are needed.

We’re standing at the edge of a cliff here and what do we get? “Startup America”


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