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In a previous post Politico was shown as conducting a vendetta against Sarah Palin and along with much of the media continues the baseless bashing of Palin. It is as though Politico, TPM and the phonies at WaPo get wee-wee’d up any time Palin lands a right cross on Barack Obama. They then have editorial hissyfits in retribution for anyone daring to besmirch their leader.

For someone who (according to the left wing media) is supposed to be stupid, Sarah Palin is pretty sharp.

And funny.

She observed that Obama’s “Win the Future” jingle could be properly abbreviated to


That’s good stuff.

Side note: Does “Win the Future” sound familiar? It ought to.


Palin was critical of Obama’s “Sputnik moment” speech. In an interview with Greta Susteren, Palin said

And his theme last night in the Speaker of the House was the “WTF,” you know, “Winning the Future.” And I thought, “OK, that acronym, spot on.” There were a lot of “WTF” moments throughout that speech, namely, when he made the statement, Greta, that he believed that we can’t allow ourselves to, I guess, eventually become buried under a mountain of debt.

When asked if she agreed with Obama about this being “our moment” Palin had this to say:

That was another one of those WTF moments, when he so often repeated this Sputnik moment that he would aspire Americans to celebrate. And he needs to remember that what happened back then with the former communist USSR and their victory in that race to space, yes, they won, but they also incurred so much debt at the time that it resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union.

Read carefully what Palin said. No one in the left wing media did.

Stephen Stromberg in the WaPo

In her rant, Palin wildly misconstrued the president’s argument, which was not about emulating the Soviets in the 1950s but instead about the Americans who responded to early Soviet success in space exploration by educating themselves and out-innovating the Soviets. Did she listen to the speech?

It is Stromberg who has it wrong. The “Sputnik moment” was a loss for the US. If Obama wanted to draw the correct analogy, then he should have said what we need is a “Kennedy moment” as Kennedy responded to the Sputnik moment with a new challenge.

Then there’s Ryan Reilly over at TPM, who goes bipolar within a few paragraphs. First he asserts Palin doesn’t know what she’s saying

‘WTF?’ Sarah Palin Thinks The USSR Won The Space Race?

And then immediately goes on to admit that Palin was right.

Yes, the Soviet Union won many of the early contests in the space race

And then goes wrong again

(including putting the first man in orbit, which may have been what Palin meant by “race to space”).

No, Ryan. The Soviets won the race to space just as Palin said. Sputnik was the first man made object launched into outer space. What exactly did Palin say again?

And he needs to remember that what happened back then with the former communist USSR and their victory in that race to space

In that race to space. The race to be the first in space. The Soviets won that race.

Palin made a reference to a bakery in Richland, Washington by the name of “Spudnut”

So I listened to that Sputnik moment talk over and over again, and I think, No, we don’t need one of those. You know what we need is a “spudnut” moment. And here’s where I’m going with this, Greta. And you’re a good one because you’re one of those reporters who actually gets out there in the communities, find these hard-working people and find solutions to the problems that Americans face.

Eric Kleefeld at TPM sprang into action when he heard this comment. Apparently he was determined to uncover a connection between Palin and Spudnut.

There was none. Kleefeld’s disappointment was palpable.

These people hate Palin because she scares the hell out of them. She makes sense. She’s logical.

Businesses like this coffee shop don’t receive big government bailouts. They produce something with their own ingenuity and hard work.

She makes their idol Obama look bad, and that’s simply unacceptable.

Playing Curly to Reilly’s Moe and Kleefeld’s Larry was David Kurtz who posted this about Palin:

Don’t Know Much About History …

The three writers all clearly believe that space programs cost nothing.

I have grown to loathe Politico. It is a self-serving group of Journolistas masquerading as real news people. Today Jonathan Allen put out a hit piece hacking at Michele Bachmann. And it employed a typical slimy Politico technique- anonymous derision.

When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo shrimp. Oxymoron.”

Neither dared to attach his name to his comment.

Politico has a history of using anonymous sources to damage Republicans, especially those named Sarah Palin.

I believe that the leftist media has a strong interest in discrediting Sarah Palin. She burst onto the scene in 2008 and caught the media completely off guard. Obama and his campaign then did what they do best in Chicago.

Democrats understand Sarah Palin is a formidable political force who has upset the Obama victory plan. The latest Washington Post/ABC Poll shows John McCain taking a 12-point lead over Barack Obama among white women, a reversal of Mr. Obama’s eight-point lead last month.

It’s no surprise, then, that Democrats have airdropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers into Anchorage, the state capital Juneau and Mrs. Palin’s hometown of Wasilla to dig into her record and background. My sources report the first wave arrived in Anchorage less than 24 hours after John McCain selected her on August 29.

Palin was definitely not ready for the attacks that were to be unleashed upon her and she was not properly prepared for her role. She was not granted sufficient time to learn details of the world. Yet even when she was right, she was wrong. Charlie Gibson oozed with condescension as he wrongly pressed Palin about the Bush doctrine. On the other hand, Gibson was disgustingly obsequious toward Obama.

GIBSON: It’s an enormous responsibility. And before Gulf War I, I went to Kuwait, and I talked to the commanders, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and I asked them, what does it feel like to commit kids to war? And they all said, “We don’t. The president does. It’s his job. We just carry out his order.”

OBAMA: Right.

GIBSON: And I thought, “Holy God, what a weight that is on your shoulders.”

Not one question about the Bush Doctrine. Charlie Gibson is a jackass.

The media has its reputation staked in Sarah Palin being an idiot. Palin is not an idiot. She is very bright. She is witty. She is politically astute. And she is capable. Politico and the rest of the left wing media do not want this to become common knowledge. They are engaged in a cover-up- a cover-up of their own bias, malpractice and incompetence.

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