Posted by Skook on 19 January, 2011 at 10:35 am. 33 comments already!

After the tragedy in Tucson, everyone is concerned with the metaphors that had nothing to do with the murders or the homicidal maniac who pulled the trigger, but if there was some kind of connection, there would be Hell to pay in the Liberal Press. The Propagandists of Progressivism parading as unbiased journalists have exposed their bias to all who have an open mind or at least those who have a shred of analytical judgement. For they have shot themselves in the foot.

Lord have mercy, Ol Skook has made the same error. He has used an old metaphor and is now eligible to be persecuted and hit with the lead weighted purses of all the dainty boys of the Left Wing Media Complex. But wait a minute, Ol Skook has been a professional hunter and trapper, has been a rancher and worked around the rough and tumble world of horses all his adulthood and childhood. He’s a little course around the edges, you could say he still has the bark on and makes no apologies.

Now our silly boys who get tingles up the inside of their legs watching Obama recite teleprompter messages are going to seem a mite different than a man who hunted elk and moose to feed his family and butchered his own pigs and smoked hams and bacon. You see men like Skook have never farted through silk and aren’t likely to ever consider the possibility.

Once upon a time, at least a few decades ago, before our public education system insisted that young boys act more like girls and adopt feminine mannerisms or be put on anti-anxiety drugs to prep them for being drug addicts, while worrying about self-esteem and majoring in societal disciplines to help form a national dystopia of the future, most men had no doubt as to their manhood and sexual preferences. They were men, some were better than others, but they were men.

Is it no wonder, that a man who fed his family with the meat that he killed and butchered, without ever buying a steak or roast wrapped in cellophane, might use more colorful and descriptive metaphors than one of these boys who would rather starve kill and butcher a moose.

There are different perspectives between these two types of people. One is a survivor and one has lost touch with the elemental factors of nature that can mean the difference between survival and starvation. Unfortunately, it is the survivor that is vilified and looked down upon. He has no compassion for the wolves and the Delta Smelt of the Sierras. Of course he knows of the savagery that wolves use to kill elk and moose, and to the wolf, a rancher’s cow and calf is no different than an elk cow and calf. He knows that the Delta Smelt is being used as an opportunity for the Sierra Club to flex its muscle and control over the farmers of the San Joaquin Valley, so that the water of the Sierra will need to be diverted to San Francisco Bay instead of being used to grow crops in the most productive farm land in the world.

So we talk a little rougher, not with swearing necessarily, we just don’t talk like the dilettantes at the Sunday Wine and Cheese Clubs. Just as truckers will use trucking terms to describe his life and a military man will use military jargon to describe his particular life, and a fisherman will use fishing terms to describe things in his fishy life; although, this is now supposed to change, if we don’t speak in a politically correct manner like our sanctimonious propaganda journalists, we can and will be held liable, just in case someone reads a few lines of our prose and is driven beyond the limits of human endurance and can’t resist killing a few people.

It’s possible that some pathetic soul, that failed to ‘lock onto’ the pacifist pablum of socialism might hear me say or read my writing that implies that certain journalists weren’t worth three dead flies. Does that mean, I will be under the gun, since my metaphor will be the ominous smoking gun that will put the noose around my neck; especially, if some gender confused man-child raised on video games while medicated on the anti-anxiety drugs Zoloft and Ritalin, decides to take his fantasies into reality. Will the Pontificating Lords of Political Correctness and Propaganda sharpen their axes and set their sights on poor Ol’ Skook.

The precedent is being set, we must apologize for any phrases that might imply noncompliance with the new norms of political acceptance, essentially those established by our propaganda bureaus and the Progressive Socialists they represent.

CNN’s John King: “Before we go to break, I want to make a quick point. We were having a discussion about the Chicago mayoral race. My friend Andy Shaw used the term ‘in the crosshairs’ in talking about the candidates. We’re trying, we’re trying to get away from that language. Andy is a good friend, he’s covered politics for a long time, but we’re trying to get away from that kind of language.”

Of course, the transgression becomes much more serious to a propagandist if the perpetrator is a Conservative or a Republican, this is the nature of propaganda.

I am imagining how I will need to write my hunting stories of the future: I saw the bull moose; no, I saw the moose with male genitalia emerge from the river. I looked through the scope; no, I looked through the magnifying apparatus. He was a prime specimen; no, he was representative of a healthy moose population. I snugged the rifle into my shoulder and began the trigger squeeze after exhaling half a breath; no, I placed my led projectile implement in position and slowly initiated launching procedures. The rifle barked and the bullet landed dead on, piercing both lungs and the heart; no, the lead projectile pierced the breathing apparatus and the animal’s vital pump. He swayed on his feet for a few moments and collapsed to die a few breaths later. Aw Hell, this is getting ridiculous; about as ridiculous as being blamed for rhetoric that didn’t cause a homicidal maniac to go on a killing spree.