Posted by Curt on 13 January, 2011 at 5:47 pm. 21 comments already!


Many of you may be unaware of the Righthaven lawsuits which have affected some blog owners. They have trolled the internet and copyrighted different articles then sued individual blogowners for copyright infringement. Months ago I purged Flopping Aces of any reference to the papers they represent to protect myself and the website (I am also making up a terms of use soon) but I wanted to make all of you aware that they are now coming after those who comment. Go here for more, but for now….please refrain from putting up complete articles. Cut and paste a paragraph or two is fine, but not the complete article. If its from the following newspapers DO NOT link or paste anything from it. I would rather boycott these outfits rather then give them traffic. Also, since they are constantly adding different newspapers to the list of those they represent please send, or comment, any link you find with a current list so I can purge the site.

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