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Sometimes the shortest period measurable by man is the amount of time between a tragedy occuring and left wing blaming the right. One thing is for certain- no thinking can possibly take place in such short a period of time.

Early on no one knew a single fact about Loughner, let alone his name. But that did not stop the left for a second. Sherriff Clarence Dumbshit Dupnik had the answer immediately.

“Let me say one thing, because people tend to pooh-pooh this business about all the vitriol that we hear inflaming the American public by people who make a living off of doing that,” the sheriff said during a press conference. “That may be free speech, but it’s not without consequences.”

During an interview earlier in the day that aired on MSNBC via local NBC affiliate KPNX, Dupnik declared that “it’s time that this country take a little introspective look at the crap that comes out on radio and TV.”

Yup, Dumbshit Dupnik knew it all. He blamed Rush Limbaugh

“The kind of rhetoric that flows from people like Rush Limbaugh, in my judgment, he’s irresponsible; uses partial information, sometimes wrong information. Attacks people, angers them against government, angers them against elected officials and that kind of behavior, in my opinion, is without consequence and I think he’s irresponsible,” Sheriff Dupnik told ABC News.

besides blaming Sharron Angle and, of course, Sarah Palin

“Not in any way shape or form. When you have people like Sharon Angle, in Las Vegas, running against Harry Reid, making outrageous statements such as ‘We may need to resort to taking the second amendment into certain cases.’ And for people like Sarah Palin to say ‘We have people like Gabby Giffords in our cross-hairs.’ I think those statements are totally irresponsible and they’re not without consequences. And we are seeing them here.”

Dumbshit Dupnik knew many things, including things that didn’t happen. As Ryan Witt notes,

It is important to note that Palin never verbally stated that Gabrielle Giffords was in her “cross-hairs.”

When asked what ought to happen to Limbaugh, Angle and Palin, Dumbshit Dupnik was reported to have said off the record

“Just hang ’em”

The above sentence employs the Dupnik rule for accuracy in media.

kill bush

The esteemed journalist Keith Olbermann, unencumbered by facts, also knew why the shooting occurred:

In a special comment later in the program, Olbermann linked the incident to Giffords being identified last year as one of former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin’s 20 “targets” for the November election, identified by a website showing crosshairs around 20 Democratic districts.

“This morning in Arizona, this age in which this country would accept “targeting” of political opponents and putting bullseyes over their faces and of the dangerous blurring between political rallies and gun shows, ended,” the liberal host said.

jdhayworth crosshairs

Not wanting the moment to pass without proving his ignorance, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) threw in his two cents:

“The climate has gotten so toxic in our political discourse, setting up for this kind of reaction for too long. It’s unfortunate to say that. I hate to say that,” Grijalva said. “Anybody who contributed to feeding this monster had better step back and realize they’re threatening our form of government.”

The legacy networks couldn’t wait to pass judgment:

“Giffords was one of 20 Democrats whose districts were lit up in cross hairs on a Sarah Palin campaign Web site last spring,” CBS’s Nancy Cordes declared in referring to a political map, adding that “Giffords and many others complained that someone unstable might act on that imagery.” Hours later on CNN, Jessica Yellin noted “we don’t know the motive” before she proceeded to raise how “on Twitter and Facebook, there is a lot of talk, in particular, about Sarah Palin.” On Sunday’s Today, leading into a clip about Palin, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell asserted: “Giffords, a conservative Democrat, was concerned about heated campaign rhetoric from the Tea Party.”


ABC connected Palin to the Wild West, as David Wright reported on This Week:

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords liked to joke that her district includes Tombstone and the OK Corral. Until yesterday morning, most people here would have said that rogue gunslingers were part of the distant past. On election night in November, 18 of the politicians in the crosshairs of Sarah Palin’s political action committee lost, but not Gabby Giffords.


Robert Paul Reyes gives schizophrenia a bad name in his warped blog:

Loughner hasn`t said a single word to law enforcement officials, but we can conclude form his rants posted online that his violence stems from mental disease and not political ideology.

However Loughner`s insanity doesn`t absolve Palin from her complicity in the carnage that took place in Tucson, Arizona. Loughner grabbed on to the free-floating violent rhetoric that is saturating Fox News and talk radio, and it gave him justification to unleash death and mayhem.

Sarah Palin your hands are dripping with blood!

Got that? Loughner’s motives are not from political ideology but they come from a political figure!

And while we’re dripping with blood…

Michael Daly hyperventilates and pees himself at the New York Daily News

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district

But anyone with any sense at all knows that violent language can incite actual violence, that metaphor can incite murder. At the very least, Palin added to a climate of violence.

Politico set a standard of stupidity and bias which will go unmatched for generations. Some titles:

Tea party’s message: Don’t blame usBy KENNETH P. VOGEL | 1/10/11 5:25 PM
The movement tries to distance itself.

Why does the Tea Party need to “try” to distance itself from something for which there is absolutely no evidence of involvement?

Tucson shooting marks turning point for Sarah Palin

So far, the former Alaska governor has said little, posting only a brief message on her Facebook page Saturday offering condolences to those affected by the shootings. But the rush on the left to affix some of the blame on her for the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has suddenly turned the tragedy into a defining moment in Palin’s meteoric political career.

Whether she defends, explains or even responds at all to the intense criticism of her brand of confrontational politics could well determine her trajectory on the national scene — and it’s likely to reveal the scope of her ambitions as well.

Now do you think there was a single word about what Obama should say? Noooooooooo. It was all about what Sarah Palin was supposed to say. And that was assuming that Palin was involved in the conspiracy.

Now a sampling of the lynchmob who inhabit Politico:


Richcpl: ” She’s a shallow, nasty, poisonous person who will never have misgivings about, let alone accept personal responsibility for, anything she says or does that others legitimately view as questionable or inappropriate.”

yomomma: “THE US SECRET SERVICE BLAMES PALIN TOO!!! The Secreat Service informed the first couple, of a massive spike in “Death Threats” that they were receiving and that they coincided, with Palin rallies, where she enflamed the crowds, until they were screaming KILL HIM!!!! KILL HIM!!!!!”

bush in crosshairs

animaliberator: “Sarah Palin has blood on her hands. And this time it is more than caribou blood.”

loretta: “She does not understand how KARMA works. You do or say something nasty to someone else for no good reason, and it comes back to you, but with much more weight. I’m thinking it is time that she “MAN UP” and take the consequences.”


Pam in Texas: “This tradgedy is laid at your doorstep along with the cowards in Republican leadership who refused to stand up to you”

hallaquilla: “The ranting right-wingers will all scurry away from the issue, but the same hate-speak that has made scum like Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly and other self-serving twits rich and famous brings out the worst in people not the best. The angry, right-wing teabaggers are not patriotic (few ever served their country in any way) and are not altuistic–helping others in caring professions.”

Baracknophobia: “Over on the radio, Limbaugh told his audience that President Obama is more harmful to America than our terrorist enemies. Is it any wonder then that these right-wing lunatic freaks feel a sense of duty, of obligation, to ‘right the wrongs’ that these instigators in the media hammer into their psychotic heads day after day?”

jakiamik: ” like her flock, palin’s focus on hate and vile rhetoric SHOULD be reviewed in relation to this latest assault on decency from the right. insinuating violence is encouraging violence. palin, beck, hannity, ailes, murdoch – most all of the fox talking heads – should be held accountable. and if they had a shred of conscience, they would also feel quite complicit.”

It’s execrable and pretty depressing. It’s a lynch mob, fueled by the left and the legacy media. Readers will note that the authors here were careful of their words before being able to garner some facts. Not so elsewhere.

Jared Wright is described by friends as a “leftist” and a “liberal.” An interview in Mother Jones reveals a possible motive for the slayings from someone claiming to be a good friend of Loughner.

Tierney, who’s also 22, recalls Loughner complaining about a Giffords event he attended during that period. He’s unsure whether it was the same one mentioned in the charges—Loughner “might have gone to some other rallies,” he says—but Tierney notes it was a significant moment for Loughner: “He told me that she opened up the floor for questions and he asked a question. The question was, ‘What is government if words have no meaning?'”

Giffords’ answer, whatever it was, didn’t satisfy Loughner. “He said, ‘Can you believe it, they wouldn’t answer my question,’ and I told him, ‘Dude, no one’s going to answer that,'” Tierney recalls. “Ever since that, he thought she was fake, he had something against her.”

Tierney describes a descent into madness:

After Loughner apparently gave up drugs and booze, “his theories got worse,” Tierney says. “After he quit, he was just off the wall.” And Loughner started to drift away from his group of friends about a year ago. By early 2010, dreaming had become Loughner’s “waking life, his reality,” Tierney says. “He sort of drifted off, didn’t really care about hanging out with friends. He’d be sleeping a lot.” Loughner’s alternate reality was attractive, Tierney says. “He figured out he could fly.” Loughner, according to Tierney, told his friends, “I’m so into it because I can create things and fly. I’m everything I’m not in this world.”

And Sarah Palin is not mentioned once. Not once.

All of the posts here, at Verum Serum and at Politico that showing that Democrat campaign committees had targeted Republicans no differently than in Palin’s map, Kos’ specifically making Giffords a target, exposing the litany of Obama’s angry words, and revealing images from the left of Sarah Palin hanging in effigy and exhorting the murder of George Bush- they made no impact.

We have become a nation of Jared Loughners. Facts don’t matter and are not allowed to intrude into the congitive process. Loughner was mentally ill. There is absolutely no evidence that Sarah Palin had any influence on him at all, but Loughner made clear he felt wronged by Giffords. None of it mattered. The truth did not matter at all. This was a terrible tragedy on its own but the left compounded it with the baseless, mindless attacks on an American citizen.

This horrible event had NOTHING to do with Sarah Palin. It had NOTHING to do with rhetoric in this country, but the left wants NOTHING to do with the truth. They only wanted the hate, as did Loughner.

A speaker on the Radio Rumble this morning on Fox News pointed out that both Kennedy’s were killed, Reagan was shot and Ford had an attempt on his life while the Fairness Doctrine was in place.

Loughner was insane. As for the rest of the left- what’s your excuse?

Barack Obama said “I don’t want to quell anger! I think people are right to be angry!”

Barack Obama said “bring a gun.”

Barack Obama said “Punish your enemies”

Loughner was angry, he brought a gun and he punished those who he perceived as his enemies.

See how easy it is to play this game?

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