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UFC lightweight Jacob Volkman, after defeating Antonio McKee, said he wanted to fight Barack Obama for his next fight. After calling out Obama to meet him in the ring, he explained why:

Actually, Obama, he’s not too bright; someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot. I just don’t like what Barack is doing.

Apparently, criticizing Obama on TV in a sports arena and challenging him to three rounds of Mixed Martial Arts action will earn you a visit from the Secret Service.

A few days later, Volkman was coaching a youth wrestling camp, a situation that will automatically put a man under intense government scrutiny, when another instructor relieved him because Secret Service men were asking to see him. Not only did the Secret Service show up at the dojo, but they came to his home as well.

I went out there and the guy introduced himself and said he was from the Secret Service and he wanted to ask me some questions about UFC 125 and my quote. He said there were people calling in to D.C. telling them that somebody, me, was threatening the President.

“This guy had the whole interview on a piece of paper and it had my picture and everything”, said Volkmann. “He was like ‘is this what you said?’ and I said, ‘yes it is.’ He’s like ‘I want to let you know I’m a little embarrassed for coming here and doing this because obviously nothing happened.’ He actually apologized for coming, but he had to come. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to D.C to hurt the President.

The thing is, I got home and I checked my e-mail and I had about 20 e-mails and one of them, one of ladies had actually contacted the FBI and the Secret Service, and she was telling me that she was going to do it.

The person who contacted Volkmann, according to the fighter, was a member of the election committee that worked for President Obama’s campaign.

It is kind of ironic that a campaign worker for Obama would be so clueless about freedom of speech, that she feels the secret Service needs to investigate a MMA fighter who criticizes the president.

It is reassuring that the president’s security force has the covert training and ability to ask if a potential threat to the president is planning to travel to DC and hurt the president. Napolitano must be outlining the procedures for the Secret Service. These are supposedly some of the best men we have and they are on top of everything. Who knows what could have happened if the president would have accepted the challenge and walked into the ring. MMA is a lot different from playing basketball; although, the president obviously has a high degree of fitness after all the basketball games he has played in the White House. None the less, a challenge is a challenge and Volkman, a Chiropractor, also insulted the president by saying that the president is stupid. These are two very serious charges, that should not be ignored.

In the mean time the president and his supporters make a laughingstock of themselves.

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