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From the “Evening Public Ledger”, Philadelphia, Friday, December 13, 1935.

3 Pupils Ousted In N.J. Flag Row

Woodbine, N. J., Dec. 13.- Three school pupils have been suspended from attending classes for refusing to salute the flag. It was announced today by James Foley, supervising principal of the Woodbine schools. The pupils are Jennie and Helen Stanle, 12 and 13 resectively, and Teddy Horin 14. Jennie is in the sixth grade while the other two are in the seventh.

The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Horin and Mr. and Mrs. George Stanle, are members of the cult called “Jehova’s Witnesses.”

The Woodbine School Board will act further on the matter on Monday.

This is the generation of kids that fought so valiantly during WW II: obviously the Jehova Witnesses didn’t fight in the war, but the other kids understood a sense of loyalty and patriotism toward America. Today it is considered offensive to respect our country ad show loyalty to our flag and talk of patriotism; this is the great reverse of culture that has been perpetrated by the Progressive Socialists in our schools and in our media.

We need to give credit where credit is due; their efforts have been so successful that some who read these pages will be outraged at the patriotism that was demanded of school children and for those of you who can see their point of argument have not been immune to the indoctrination process.

Here is how the Indians view their flag or at least how they would like their children to respect their flag.

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