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The heaviest snowfall in six decades has largely paralyzed New York and the surrounding states.

Hundreds of airline passengers were stranded for up to 10 hours on the tarmac at overworked Kennedy Airport

City response to storm is slow

Anarchy may break out among stranded airline passengers

Woman waits 30 hours for ambulance after suffering a boken ankle

People are dying for lack of emergency response, including a newborn.

A large city Mayor is overwhelmed. Residents are whining.

There are reports of cannibalism in Madison Square Garden.

(Courtesy Drudge)

Sound familiar? It should.

That cannibalism thing might not really be true, but as Randall Robinson would say, I stand by the rest.

But where is Waldobama during this crisis?

Mele kalikimaka!

He can’t be bothered! He’s on vacation!

George Bush was roundly criticized for his actions following Katrina, but at least he did something. Barack Obama does nothing and escapes media scrutiny completely.

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