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Allah makes a good point here on Paul Ryan:

Ryan voted for TARP, for the tax on the AIG bonuses, and now he’s voting for this. Are you guys sure you want him as Palin’s running mate in 2012? ‘Cause I’m thinking we might be able to land him as a speaker for RINOcon.

What’s he talking about?

Just the fact that Paul Ryan said today that while this tax deal isn’t what they would of written, it’s going to have to suffice: (9 minute mark in the video)

Which pretty much means it’s going to pass. No way it’s going down:

Republicans in the House say they will avoid this trouble in the future, arguing that a deal of this nature wouldn’t see the light of day in a Republican majority. And the leaders insist that the members who have been the most vocal against the bill won’t deal a fatal blow.

So far anyway, that’s true. House GOP leaders expect only 15 to 20 conservatives to vote against President Barack Obama’s tax-cut compromise, which would mean that only 60 out of 255 Democrats would have to vote for the legislation to secure passage — not a heavy lift, the majority says. The White House Tuesday said Obama and his economic team was making calls to House lawmakers to line up support for the plan.

Democrats Tuesday night seemed leaning toward structuring debate to allow a vote on changing the estate tax provision – a measure that would likely render the compromise dead if passed. But even staunch supporters of that change insist it has little chance in the House.

“The likelihood of it passing is not good,” said Ways and Means Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell (N.J.).

Separately, 31 Blue Dog Democrats gave the current deal a boost, sending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter indicating their support for the bill.

Steve King of Iowa:

“There’s a real opportunity on the other side of the new year,” King told POLITICO. “If Harry Reid is backing up this far now, and the president is accommodating our principles, why would we do the massive spending on this deal?

Either way it looks like this deal is going to be passed and we will see the vampire tax increase from 0% to 35%, increased spending with nothing to offset that spending but no increase in our taxes and probably a huge amount of earmarks to boot!

Way to go spineless RINO’s…way to go.

We took more seats away from Democrats then we have in four decades and this is what we get? There was a reason Conservatives demolished the Democrats last month and this deal WAS NOT IT. In fact it was the exact opposite. The tax rates going up would be disastrous for this economy and no one wants that. We had the leverage in this deal….but gave it away.

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