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Robert Stacy McCain points to a quote from a article written by the Professor, for HuffPo, in which his hatred for Sarah Palin is apparent:

Palin has done what weak, self-centered people do when the going gets tough — they quit and blame someone else.

Yup…weak, self-centered people. Kinda like someone who preys on his own daughter:

A Columbia University political science professor and past political analyst for CBS was arrested on charges of incest. Investigators say he engaged in three year long consensual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter.

David Epstein, 46 was arrested on Wednesday and was arraigned on Thursday for the illegal sexual nature of his relationship with his daughter between 2006 and 2009. He is being charged with one count of incest in the third degree.

The well-liked educator specializes in American politics and voting rights and in addition to teaching at Columbia has taught at Harvard and Stanford.

Not many details going around but I’m guessing it was the Mother of this girl who sang to the police, rightly so.

If you want to see the sick bastard here’s a video of him making a presentation entitled “How Obama’s Policies Are Saving the Economy.”

Many blogs are posting about this story like Newsbusters, American Power, Moonbattery, and Ace of Spades HQ but what I want to center on is the comments going on at HuffPo. Take a look at this crap!

It is kinda sick, but I think a four year prison sentence is extreme – considerin­g they are both consenting adults.

Kinda sick?

If he is being prosecuted then so should she and anyone who doesn’t agree clearly is not in favor of equal rights for women.

They are two consenting adults. Am I missing something here?

I don’t know why this just didn’t end with a levy and a slap on the wrist … and maybe loss of job.

I don’t understand how it is a crime

Thankfully there some who see this as what it is:

A father has the power in the relationsh­ip with his daughter. I have a feeling that he may have thought it was consensual but that he used his power in their relationsh­ip to further his sexual agenda.

A liberal gets it…who woulda thunk it.

There is absolutely NO such thing as consensual incest. The father, or mother, is always in the position of power. They are always thought of as the responsible person for their child, the authority figure, and this sick twisted pervert used his position to manipulate her. She may have consented but in no way can she be considered on the same level as her father.

I hate to link to Salon but they have some interesting quotes from a Law Professor on this subject:

I went to law professor J. Dean Carro, who defended a noteworthy case in which a man was convicted of incest for having sex with his 22-year-old stepdaughter, to better understand how our legal system tackles this near-universal taboo.

Generally, in cases like this involving “consensual activity within the home,” it comes down to the question of whether the government has “a compelling state interest” in regulating the activity. “Some courts recognize that the government does have an interest in regulating incestuous conduct because of the risk of pregnancy and the heightened risk of genetic defect,” he says. Other courts will convict even without such a risk: In Ohio, a sexual battery statute states that a stepparent should never have sexual contact with a stepchild (and that is regardless of age). Most courts are concerned about parents preying on their children, he said. “Regardless of the age of the child, there’s still a theory that a parent is always a parent, a child is always a child and, as a result, there truly can’t be a consensual sexual act.” That explains why the daughter isn’t charged in this case. “The idea is the perpetrator is the parent and the victim is the child. We don’t normally prosecute a person falling within the protected class, and you remain a member of the protected class even above age of consent.”

Many commenters at HuffPo are aghast that this Palin hater is being charged at all, and that’s quite telling. Incest isn’t a case of consenting adults, its a case of a predator preying on the weak.

Disgusting all the way around.

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