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Radical Jihadis Plan To Surgically Implant Bombs

Can Dr al-Zawahiri Outsmart Obama And Napolitano?

Despite President Obama’s efforts not to antagonize our enemy by naming them, the Radical Fundamentalist Muslims now intend to surgically implant bombs in homicidal suicide maniacs. The gel or liquid bomb implanted within the body cavity is nearly impossible to detect. Women with breast implants are a perfect example of the technology required and it has been done for decades.

Recently a surgeon volunteered his services to surgically implant bombs on an Al Qaeda website forum:

“What is your opinion about surgeries through which I can implant the bomb …inside the operative’s body?”

He called on bombmakers and doctors to cook up the perfect solution to murder “larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.”

“I am waiting for the interaction of the experienced brothers to connect the two sciences together and produce a new kind of terrorism, Allah willing,” he wrote, according to a translation by terror experts at the SITE Intelligence Group.

The scheming comes amid controversy over body scanners and pat-downs in airports that some Americans complain are too invasive. The ideas for a “surgically booby-trapped martyrdom seeker” were chillingly concise for the doctor of death monitored by SITE.

Stitching a bomb into the abdominal cavity made of plastic or liquid explosives – such as semtex or PETN – was judged the best method.

A terrorist offered the advice that the bomb must be near the surface because the human body is shock absorbing and if the bomb is implanted too deep it will lose effectiveness.

In the mean time, Napolitano has unleashed her gropers at T&A to check for a repeat performance of lingerie bomber want to be Farouk Abdulmutallab, while refusing to consider the proven method of profiling used by El Al, Napolitano is now concentrating on American genitals with the utmost dedication.

In November, John Pistole, Transportation Security Administration chief, in a characteristic declaration of brilliance, declared that his agency didn’t think it was necessary to do cavity checks because secondary screening procedures can find fuses and detonators, which are always outside the body.

“You have to have some external device to cause that initiation,” he said. “That’s what the advanced imaging technology machine will pick up: any anomaly outside of the body.”

Have they ever considered internal timers with internal detonation all embedded within the body.

Muslim Doctors have shown a willingness to participate in the murder and mayhem among the Muslim Terrorists. In 2010, a Jordanian doctor, Abu Dujana al-Khorsani, killed seven CIA officers in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. Al Qeada’s #2 man is Ayman al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian born doctor. The same one who called President Obama the “House Negro”.

Cocaine smugglers have been using people, termed ‘mules’, to travel on airliners after ingesting condoms filled with contraband for decades: it is only a matter of time before America realizes it actually need professionals in charge of security and not political hacks.

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