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47 years ago today…

Nov. 22, 1963: The Death of a President

Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was waving to the cheering crowd as his motorcade passed the Texas School Book Depository on Elm Street when gunfire was heard.

The president slumped into the back seat of his open limousine with gaping wounds in his head and neck.

He lost consciousness immediately.

JFK’s Secret Service agents reflect on loss of a president

A newly detailed account of the assassination is laid out in the new book “The Kennedy Detail,” by former agent Jerry Blaine, written with journalist Lisa McCubbin, based on interviews with many of the agents who covered Kennedy. Former agent Hill, who has rarely granted interviews about the shooting, wrote a foreword.

Front pages largely ignore today’s anniversary of JFK assassination

“Younger people who are used to greater security measures since 9/11 look at photographs of Kennedy riding in an open car and say, ‘That was crazy. Why would he do that?’ ” Mack says. “Well, it wasn’t considered crazy at the time, and that’s something we have to explain.”