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John Podesta is the head of the CenteR for American Progress, also known as CRAP. CRAP is another liberal think tank dedicated to overturning the core principles upon which America was established. Among their asserted concerns are:

Job creation and economic competitiveness
Educational excellence
A clean energy future and energy independence
Quality affordable health care
Consumer protection
The home foreclosure crisis
Accountable government delivering results at lower cost
Sustainable security for the nation

Podesta likens CRAP to a “think tank on steroids.” One of its major donors is George Soros, so immediately one knows that CRAP has the end of capitalism and the end of American exceptionalism among its goals.

Yesterday morning Jim Treacher brings us the story that Podesta, obviously frustrated with Obama’s inability to destroy this country’s foundations, argues that Obama should essentially allowed to be King of America. As the country sent an election day message that it does not approve of the liberal left lurch endured over the last two years, Podesta feels that Obama must now seek to circumvent Congress and that pesky Constutition thingie.

“I think most of the conversation since the election has been about how President Obama adjusts to the new situation on Capitol Hill,” Podesta said. “While that’s an important conversation, it simply ignores the president’s ability to use all levels of his power and authority to move the country forward.”

And Podesta lays out how Obama could avoid all the democracy stuff:

“One of the best ways for the Obama administration to achieve results of that nature, in the short term, is through substantial executive authority to make and implement policy,” Podesta said. “As noted in the Constitution and the laws of the United States give the president the ability and the responsibility to act as the chief executive using authorities granted to all presidents such as executive orders, rule-makings, agency management and public-private partnerships.”

As Jim wryly notes, Podesta did not always feel this way. In 2005 he was concerned that safeguards were in place:

By removing the safeguard offered by the filibuster, the nuclear option would seriously and perhaps irreparably damage an institution that has functioned since its inception under customs and traditions that ensure an atmosphere of careful deliberation and mutual respect.”

Treacher attempted to call Podesta and ask why he had changed his mind. Podesta did not return the call.

Perhaps he’s too occupied with his CRAP.

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