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The true face of a narcissist crybaby:

Dancing with schoolchildren in Mumbai and reconnecting with a piece of his childhood in Jakarta gave way to a setback on a free trade deal in Seoul and tense confrontations from his counterparts about American leadership on the global economy. By the time he headed to his last stop – a gathering of world leaders in Japan – Obama was on the defensive and frustrated with how he was being portrayed.

“What about the compliments?” the president told reporters when asked what criticisms he heard during his conversations with other heads of state.

What about the compliments?

Give me a break

He just can’t come to grip with the reality that the slobbering masses that fell for his hopey-changey message have finally started to realize he is in way over his head. Apparently most of the countries he visited on this trip have come to that reality also:

But as the trip wore on, Obama had to navigate several minefields – a shrill response from the German finance minister and criticism from China over American economic policy, a setback in his renewed efforts for Middle East peace, and, perhaps most disappointingly, an impasse on a trade deal with South Korea. Many had expected Obama to reach a renewed pact with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak by the time they met.

Instead, Obama had to step to the podium in Seoul and explain that he needed more time because the South Koreans wouldn’t budge on easing restrictions on American cars. Adding insult to the undesirable outcome, Lee put Obama on the spot during their joint press conference when he was asked about concerns over U.S. fiscal policy.

“I think that kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama is not standing right next to me,” Lee, a former head of Hyundai, replied.

Obama cracked a smile. But it was a moment hardly imaginable a year ago.

“The first time he went around the world, everybody wanted to just touch the hem of his suit or something,” Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who worked in the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, said of Obama. “They would throw Nobel Prizes at him before he did anything. So sure, he’s come back to reality. And the world recognizes that as well.

But no worry President Crybaby….the media still has your back. Take for example Bob Schieffer blaming all of the recent setbacks on bad luck instead of Obama’s policies and arrogance:

His trip to Asia turned out as badly as the election. How long has it been that a President went to a foreign capital to put the finishing touches on a trade agreement, only to come away with nothing? Did no one in the White House staff see that coming? How can that be? And when the President tried to lecture China on their monetary policy, he was politely told to mind his own business. That’s not a great signal to send to the rest of the world.

If that were not bad enough, look at another storm coming when Congress reconvenes this week. Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already baulking at any kind of compromise to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans say without that, all deals are off. So the tax cuts for everyone may expire at year’s end. And that’s just the half of it.

The middle has fallen out of our politics. Democrats elected to next year’s new Congress are more liberal than those in the current Congress, and the Republicans more conservative. So the partisan divide is bound to grow wider. I hate to keep using these weather metaphors, but for this President when it rains it just seems to pour. And keep on pouring.

Want another weather metaphor? Obama himself is the rain that has flooded this country with a recession, high unemployment, and Socialism. He deserves all the blame he can get.

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