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Now that the dust has settled and The voters have spoken it is clear that the Blue Dog Coalition of the U.S. House of representatives is facing extiction. Add them to the critically endangered list! Close to half of them have been defeated gutting their membership, including The leadership members Rep. Baron Hill (In-09) and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD). The long knives have come out from the Progressives in the Democratic Party blaming the victims, (the Blue Dogs) for their historic rout at the polls.

The Blue dogs counter that the steep losses were the result of ordinary Americans being fed up with the far left Progressive/Socialist agenda they have been force fed by Nancy Pelosi and the Obama White House. Those defeated so far are; Mike Acuri (NY-24) Sanford Bishop (GA-02) Allen Boyd (FL-02) Bobby Bright (AL-02) Christopher Carney (PA-10) Travis Childers (MS-01) Jim Costa (CA-20) Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03) Lincoln Davis (TN-04) Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD) BaronHill (IN-09) Frank Kratovil Jr. (MD-01) Betsy Markey (CO-04) Jim Marshall (GA-08) Walt Minnick (ID-01) Harry Mitchell (AZ-05) Dennis Moore (KS-03) Patrick Murphy (PA-08) Glenn Nye ((VA-02) Earl Pomeroy (ND) John Salazar (CO-03) Zack Space OH-18), and Charles Wilson (OH-18).

It will only get worse in 2012 with redistricting favoring Republicans in the majority of cases. The 112th Congress will consist of approximately 244 Republicans and 191 Democrats. The remaining Democrats to be seated in the 112th will dominated by representatives from inner city districts as well as a few abutting liberal enclaves. Virtually all of them are hard left doctrinaire Progressives. As far as this group are concerned the Blue Dogs can get lost.

The remaining option for many Blue Dogs is to play the R card, The Republican card! Most, if not all will be losing their seats in 2012 if things don’t change dramatically over the next two years and in order to save their skins, many have to consider their options. If they flip soon they can get something in return for changing teams. If they wait, they face almost certain defeat at the polls.

The Democrat Party they knew and loved no longer exists. It is a party that now consists of Reps. of coastal California, Massachucetts, Delaware, and Connecticut, sprinkled with urban districts personified by Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel. Long gone are the concerns of suburban and rural voters for whom the remaining Blue dogs represent.

Which one will be the first to stand up and declare that they have had enough and switch? And if not, Which one will have the guts to Try to salvage whats left of the Democrat Party from the leftist stranglehold and run for President against Barack Obama in 2012? Heath Shuler or Patrick Murphy up for the task? Perhaps Sanford Bishop? They have nothing to lose that they haven’t lost already. Or will the challenge come from the Senate with Sen. Elect Joe Manchin Running for the Democratic Nomination? A true blue Dog who can hunt!

Conventional wisdom says Obama will be challenged from the left in 2012, but a challenge from the gutted center of the Democratic Party would be the most devastating development for the Commander in Chief to contemplate. So, in conclusion, Can a Blue Dog Hunt in 2012?

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