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An Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr President,

Many of us are outraged that you consider us your enemy; not me, I’m proud to be your enemy.

No, not the type who wants to put you in the cross-hairs at 800 meters: I am an American who loves his Freedom and his Country with its traditions. Sure, I have my doubts concerning the citizenry that would elect a Marxist for President, but most of them aren’t old enough to have seen the devastation among the warriors who returned home from WWII, Korea, and Indo China: I am.

As a child, I cowered and listened to the men as they sat around tables and drank; some yelled and ranted, some talked quietly with tear streaked cheeks, some said nothing at all; they shared their pain, a pain that scared us children.

One Korean vet marched daily down a gravel road a few miles from my home; every day he marched with a ramrod stiff cadence that none of the rest of us heard. Everyone tried to ignore his strange behavior; they said he was shell shocked and in time he would get better, but he marched and marched down through the years.

One day I went away and wore the uniform; on my return home, years later, I was driving past him in my work truck and I snapped him a sharp salute. He returned the salute and kept marching. I felt humiliated for what I had done. I knew nothing about the man, except that he was a shell shocked veteran from either Korea or WWII. He may have been an officer, I still don’t know to this day, but for the rest of the time I worked around home, he saluted me every time I drove past him. He was a Canadian Mr President; however, he contracted his problem fighting alongside our American Patriots who were fighting to keep this country free of tyrants and he pays for that past honor by endlessly marching and I hope he is still able to march to this day, because we are losing those Patriots at a tremendous rate Mr President. Patriots who put their life on the line and accepted their fate to keep us free from tyranny.

Today we have a new generation of Patriots, who are putting everything on the line to fight tyranny and for our way of life that we so loosely describe as Freedom, thank G-d we have them. There is not a day that I don’t think of them and wish them well. They have such a difficult job, fighting a politically correct war with dubious and self-defeating Rules of Engagement; your Rules of Engagement, that accomplish nothing, besides providing assistance to our enemy and the shedding of American and Allied blood.

On a more personal note Mr President, just so you know, I am on the ropes financially; just the type of citizen that would-be tyrants need to implement authoritarian and totalitarian forms of Dystopia. I had an extremely successful business ten years ago, but a divorce and being caught in the mortgage fiasco at a point when I needed a large sum of money, complicated by the downturn in the economy has nearly ruined me financially. Yes, I am a perfect candidate to trust in a tyrant for assistance, but don’t look to me or millions of others to sell out our souls and Freedom for a yoke of Socialist slavery. I might die broke and homeless, but I will die a Free man.

Yes Mr President, I am your worst enemy: I am a man who Loves Freedom.

Your Un-loyal Subject, Skook.

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