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It’s election time so there’s always disinformation and misleading. It’s the fuel for the partisan left and right alike, but I hate how the left just eats it up. It’s like they don’t question ANYTHING if it’s anti-Republican. You could tell em 911 was an inside job, and they’d believe it. You can tell em that George Bush was building death camps to kill off survivors of Katrina, and they’ll believe it. Tell em Sarah Palin (just mention her name and many on the left get mad) is a baby killer, and they’ll not only believe it without question, but get excited at the abortion debate fodder it would be if true.

It’s from that lemming-like obedience to any and all anti-Republican information/propaganda that the “I Remember” video has spawned. Ironically, it shows the left DOES NOT remember history.

“I Remember” video


“…Which party defends tax breaks for corporations that move your jobs overseas”
-NAFTA was a Dem thing, remember Al Gore on CNN w Ross Perot debating it?

“…That nobody knew the levys would break”

-everyone knew-particularly the Dem mayor who had just read a fresh report on it, then abandoned his city and fought w a Dem gov who refused to let in the Nat Guard

“…Which party was in power and started a trillion dollar war in Iraq”
-it cost about 2/3’s of what he’s claiming, and it was 100% bi-partisan, not just some Repub Congress

“…Which party believes spending money on our nation is wasted money?”
-Who? Repubs supported-even advocated the $800bn stimulus, they just thought it needed to be different rather than a political kickback to union donors which is what it turned out to be

“…Which party brought us the Wall Street bailout”
-Yeah, it was the Democratic Congress that held both houses of Congress

“…Which party blocked healthcare for 911 responders”
-Yeah, that was Repubs. After the Wall Street bailout, the AIG bailout, the automaker bailout, the two budgets w 1.3trillion deficits each, the stimulus giveaway, and the cost of the new healthcare bill….Repubs insisted that the cost for helping 911 responders 1) be a known cost rather than a blank check 2) be matched w some sort of budget cut rather than more deficit spending.

“…Which party thinks the rich need to more money?”
-that’s called Progressive Taxation where the wealthiest pay the most in taxes and therefore have the most influence on elected officials. It’s a Dem thing. People who think we’re all equal and share equally in the govt are Libertarian and favor a flat tax/equal tax or no tax at all. Repubs just favor less taxes for the middle class (which is what most of the Bush Tax cuts were), but Dems have no fiscal responsibility, favor higher taxes, and STILL runup record deficits w their handouts to Wall Street and big corporations.

“…Which party has worked tirelessly to destroy medicare, social security, etc.?”
-That’d be the Dems since the Repubs tried to make them both solvent, and were blocked by Dems. Now both are going broke. Additionally, Democrats have had 4 years to make changes to all entitlements-a simple change mandating that they not automatically increase unless the budget was balanced that year would have extended most entitlements until 2100, but Dems blew that off for 4yrs, and chose instead to borrow money from China to give to AIG, Wall Street, automakers like Pontiac and Saturn, etc.

“…Which party believes that by giving the govt less money (lowering taxes) the govt will get more money.”
-Interesting ‘cause this was the driving theory behind JFK’s tax cuts (which increase revenue) and Reagan’s tax cuts (which increased revenue) and Bush’s tax cuts (which increased revenue from corporations and citizens (Deficits during the Bush years were caused by excessive spending, not a lack of tax income from GDP).

“…Which party was in power during every major banking crisis since….”

-Really? The banking crisis started in 2007, peaked in Nov08. Which party was in power? Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress, and we’re talking about midterms-not Presidents ‘cause Obama ain’t on the ballot Tuesday.

“…Which party cannot hear the screams of the people, but the whispers of big business”
-Yeah, was it a Repub or Dem Congress that bailed out Wall Street/big business, decided AIG was too big to fail, bailed out automakers, and so forth? Yep, those things happened in 2007 and 2008 and 2009, and Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress during that time: remember?

Saying “I remember” repeatedly and emphatically doesn’t mean you do remember. It just suggests to the audience (particularly an unquestioning/obedient leftist audience) that they should be emphatic, and the repetition is just a generic sales trick (say the product name often so it sticks w the audience). Notice also how the video (which clearly is intended for the midterm, Congressional election debate/decision…cites things that happened 5, 7, and 10 years ago as if they’re critical to the next 2years. Then it makes all these false accusations-often completely opposite of reality, and woohoo! The obedient, unquestioning left is now emphatic that they remember….even though, they don’t remember things the way history records em.

They don’t remember

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