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Some of us are not surprised.

From the Communist Party USA website

If the grand alliance that elected Barack Obama comes out in full force to vote we can stop the Tea Party/Republican takeover, continue moving forward and push further for green jobs, union rights, health care and the safety net for the common good.

If voters fail to turnout, the Tea Party/Republican “Promise to America” alternative is clear: continued tax breaks for the top richest two percent which will increase the deficit, privatization of social security, repeal of health care and financial reform, no extension of unemployment compensation, outsourced jobs, increased racism and severe limits to democratic rights.

And check on the links

Resources to help get out the vote:

AFL-CIO Labor 2010

One Nation Working Together Events

MoveOn — Stop the Takeover

Organizing for America Call for Change

Hip Hop Caucus — Respect My Vote

Rock the Vote / Register to Vote

Election Protection… Right to Vote

NCLR — Vote for Respect

AFl-CIO, MoveOn, Organizing for America, Communist Party.

They’re synomyms.

via Doug Ross

This is really not especially new. The One Nation Working Together rally on October 2 included the nation’s finest:

SEIU, AFL-CIO, NAACP, La Raza, Rainbow Push Coalition, Teachers Unions, Code Pink, and Communist Party USA

And the support of Howard Dean. Have a gander at the images at the link.

Democrats have deteriorated over the years since the death of John F. Kennedy, to the point that they are brothers with Communists, and share the same goal. They are now the American Communist Apparatchik.

All that’s needed now is the name change. from USA, to UDSR.

United Socialist Democrat Republic.

And a flag.

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