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Well, now we know what the brain trust in the White House has come up with for next year:

The White House plans to test Republicans’ unity and political resolve on three controversial issues: repealing the Bush tax cuts, implementing the deficit commission’s findings, and pushing immigration reform. Obama’s team says that these issues will make for good policy—and good politics, forcing Republicans elected in swing districts to choose between placating Democrats and independents and risking a possible Tea Party challenge in 2012.

The White House believes immigration reform may be the toughest test for the GOP—even tougher than tackling the deficit. “This will separate the reasonable Republicans from the pack running for president,” said one senior Obama aide.

Repealing the tax cuts? So you’re gonna force Republicans to vote on tax cuts?

Wow…now that’s a good line of attack, especially when you couple it with the deficit commission’s findings which is sure to be tax hikes and reduced spending.

All the Republicans have to do to counter this is to stay true to the Tea Party message. Cut spending AND taxes.

The biggest spending fights next year will be about overall spending levels for next year, and while I don’t expect a government shutdown, I do think the GOP will come forward with a much lower baseline than the president is comfortable with. Republicans can keep the government running with short-term continuing resolutions and still force the president to veto a lot of spending reductions, making him look like a guy whose only real solution for balancing the budget is to raise taxes. If you are a Republican political strategist with an eye toward 2012, then that is exactly where you want your Democratic opponent: giving you plenty of ways to make the “tax and spend” label stick.

Lastly…immigration. We already know how that line of attack will go what with Obama’s recent speeches.

“Separate reasonable Republicans from the pack”

Basically code for some kind of racism charge against those who want to enforce the laws on the books already and ensure our border is secure. It all falls back to the racism charge.

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