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Two years ago Brian Kalt wrote an article in which he warned the peril in deriding Sarah Palin

Every four years, Democrats in the United States make the same mistake. They underestimate the appeal of the Republican Party to Middle America, and then reduce their own appeal by belittling it. Now, Democrats are falling into the same trap again with Sarah Palin, John McCain’s vice-presidential nominee.

This was the one Democrat policy that was shovel ready. And you know what they have been shoveling since then.

Alec Baldwin seems incapable of resisting an opportunity to make himself look completely removed from the real world. In the HuffPo he wrote:

Christine O’Donnell has attempted to present herself as Palin 2.0, yet the original Palin looks oddly listless and tired on the circuit these days and she has done virtually nothing to expand or freshen up her act. Like some Charo of the Chugach, Palin grinds out the same quips and winks and seems even less prepared for 2012, in any capacity, than she did in 2008.

Palin being stupid is arguably the predominant Democrat theme of 2010.

A search for “Palin stupid” yields almost 3 million hits.

An image search for “Palin in the news” yields 16,600,000 hits.

Another image search for “Palin and Obama” yields almost 12 million hits.

The Chicago Tribune has a page dedicated to news stories linked to Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has her own page on HuffPo.

Michelle Obama answers to Sarah Palin.

One PPP poll showed Palin tying Obama in a 2012 Presidential race.

And this morning PMSNBC had this header:

palin and obama

Even the left wing media elevates Palin as Obama’s equal.

But here are my two favorites stats.

A search for “Palin and Obama” yields nearly 49 million hits.

Best of all?

Searching “Obama responds to Palin” gets you, are you ready for this?

46,1000,000 hits.

Either Democrats are psychotically obsessed with a stupid woman or they are absolutely full of crap.

Or maybe both.

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