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Sometimes an affliction becomes more dangerous over time. The flu is one such example. It can mutate and become far worse than it was originally. Liberalism is another example. It is more virulent than ever before.

Michael Savage wrote a book called

“Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

Liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s a disease that compromises cognition in a big way. It has mutated into a form that compels people to become offended by the truth. The truth becomes stupid to liberals. This disease has a name- “Truth Derangement Sydrome.”

To wit:

Democrats are offended by Rush Limbaugh so they forge legislation to shut him down.

Sarah Palin said “Don’t party like it’s 1773 yet” and was pounded for being stupid. Markos Moulitsas and Gwen Ifill led the charge.

She was referring to the Boston Tea Party. The liberals embarassed the hell out of themselves in their ignorance of history. Palin spoke the truth and liberals found it stupid.

Christine O’Donnell made a literal point about the Constitution during her debate with Chris Coons. She was absolutely correct yet liberals found the truth stupid.

The addle-brained liberal women of the View were offended by Bill O’Reilly speaking the truth. Whoopi Goldberg had this to say when O’Reilly spoke a truth:

“That is such bullsh*t,”

Of course, when the porcine princess Rosie O’Donnell asserted that Bush was behind the 9-11 attacks, no one got up and walked out. None of them was sufficently offended by that incomprehensible idiocy.

Juan Williams was fired for speaking the truth. Williams actually did not have anything to say about Muslims. He spoke about his inner feelings – his visceral response to seeing a particular situation. He was describing himself- not Muslims. He was describing his reactions– he was not “marginalizing” Muslims or anyone else. But the galactically hypocritical NPR CEO Schiller would have none of it.

Liberals are now offended by the truth when it does not fit their worldview. And if it does, no one is going to be allowed to speak the truth without retribution.

A little while ago on Fox News Frank Luntz observed that there are some countries in which you cannot speak the truth without fear of retribution- China, Russia and Venezuela.

When people are made fearful of speaking the truth there is no democracy. There is no freedom.

Just the way liberals want it.