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Watch this pathetic moron get interviewed by O’Reilly.

Nicki Diaz is an illegal alien who is suing Meg Whitman for allegations of abuse- for a grand total of $6000. Whitman hired Diaz, who presented with a phony social security card, as a housekeeper about ten years ago. Diaz was fired in 2009 when Whitman learned of Diaz’s illegal status. Parasite to the stars Gloria Allred, who represents Diaz, filed the patently transparent October Surprise lawsuit against Whitman just in time to have an affect on the California gubernatorial election.

When the issue first came to the attention of Whitman’s husband he wrote a note asking Diaz to look into the allegations. Greta Van Susteren obliterated Allred in a televised interview:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: I think this is absolutely unthinkable! Let me tell you what you’ve done. Three things. One, you’re getting your client deported by putting a big neon sign, Hey, I’m here illegally, I signed documents falsely, and I’ve done that under penalty of perjury, saying that I was — that this is my Social Security number. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is, is I think your inferences from this document, this Social Security document — I think you got it all wrong. I actually think it helps Meg Whitman and her husband because I think that’s the more reasonable inference and you’d get barbecued if you took it to court. And finally, on the eve of an election, to raise something like this, which has the possibility of smearing unfairly, calling someone a liar and subverting the electoral process.

Allred has raised the issue of Diaz’s illegality and fraud to a worldwide level. O’Reilly asks Napolitano what she is going to do about Nicki Diaz and she sputters.

“You know, I don’t the answer to that question.”


Diaz is here illegally and she obtained and used a false social security card and the head of Homeland Security, whose job it is to protect us from this sort of stuff doesn’t know what her job is.

This is incompetence on a galactic scale.

Then Napolitano goes on to make concrete just how stupid she is.

“This is a matter for California voters to decide”

It is????????? Since when is the fraudulent use of a social security card “a matter for California voters to decide”???????

When is the status of an illegal alien something for voters to decide upon?

Didn’t Arizona just get smacked down for this exact thing?

“We don’t have a decision made.”

I guess this is simply too complicated for Napolitano. But then, she is an idiot.

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