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President Obama’s Refusal To Protect Our Borders Has Cost An American Boater’s Life

Mexican drug smugglers have become emboldened by the Obama Administration allowing them to operate with impunity. A Colorado couple was boating on jet skis on a large lake formed by the Rio Grande down stream from Laredo, when the husband was shot through the head and thrown from his jet ski. His wife couldn’t pull him unto her jet ski and had to abandon him in a hail of gunfire.

Search teams prowled the US side of the 60 mile lake but were unable to locate the body or the jet ski. The boater, David Michael Hartley, 30 years old, was on Falcon Lake, a popular water and bass fishing lake, with his wife when the pirates struck in three boats, the Hartleys had been to the Mexican side of the lake to photograph an old church

This is the fifth incident this year, although the other assaults were just for money. The Obama Administration is surely sending someone down there to apologize and see how we can make the situation right.

The gunmen are suspected pirates who have turned Falcon Lake, a water-skiing and bass fishing hotspot down the border from Laredo, into uneasy waters for fishermen and boaters. There have been at least five reported run-ins with pirates on the lake this year, though prior holdups had never been deadly.

State Rep. Aaron Pena, a south Texas lawmaker was briefed on the pirates earlier this year, and emphasized that it has become dangerous enough that Americans should stay off the lake altogether.

“I wouldn’t do it,” Pena said. “When I go out there I have all the protection Texas can provide. But the average fisherman doesn’t have that.”

Pena said he has no doubts the pirates are working with Mexico’s drug gangsters. The cartels that control the area wouldn’t let the pirates operate otherwise, he said.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said he had contacted the Mexican consulate to ask them to search for Hartley on its side of the lake.

Some campers along Falcon Lake had taken to arming themselves following the state’s first warning in May. In one incident that month, state officials said five armed men boarded a boat on the U.S. side of the boundary.

The pirates either use powerful AK-47s or AR-15s to threaten their victims, Texas DPS said. The agency believes the pirates use local Mexican fishermen to operate the boats to get close to American fishermen.

According to Gonzalez, Tiffany Hartley told police that the couple rode their Jet Skis for sightseeing and to take pictures of a famous church in Old Guerrero. They were riding back when they saw the armed gunmen on the boats, and immediately began racing back to U.S. waters.

In April, pirates robbed another group of boaters who also went to Old Guerrero to see the church. Cox said the most recent reported pirate sighting had been Aug. 31, when boaters saw gunmen riding a small skiff with “Game Wardin” misspelled in duct tape on the side of the vessel. Cox said it appeared the pirates were trying to imitate state game warden boats they have seen patrolling the lake.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the shooting underscores the need for the federal government to further secure the border.

“It’s really become substantially worse in the last 18 months with the drug cartels having almost free rein,” Perry said Friday in Austin. “This is about our citizens, on both sides of the borders, safety.”

Violence on the Mexican side of the lake has been climbing for several months, as a fractured partnership between the region’s dominant Gulf Cartel and its former enforcers, the Zetas, plunged many of the area’s Mexican border cities into violence.

Americans are now wondering how much longer we are going to cede portions of our country over to Mexico and the drug cartels. President Obama obviously has political reasons that are biased toward International Socialism not to take action to protect our citizens and our borders, but Americans like to protect our people and our borders. Keeping the lawlessness out of America and protecting our citizens should come before extending the open hand of friendship to drug runners and killers who are invading our country. Mr Obama is only creating distrust and resentment within our own borders: he is surely becoming more popular in other countries than the United States, because his policies seem to be designed to help everyone except Americans.

May God Bless the widow of Mr Harley. Thanks to you and your policies, Obama!

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