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First of all, Schultzie and his left wingnut minions turned the Washington mall into a dump. So when you next hear how liberals want to save the planet, stick this up point out this set of videos and images. Democrats are pigs. There’s no other way to describe it. What they did to the mall is abominable. A crowd that was sparse in contrast to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally was able to utterly and literally trash the place.

At the One Nation rally yesterday Schultz let fly any number of accusations. Most were the usual Democrat tripe but a couple were comical. Schultz seemed to have taken a schizophrenia pill before the rally. He opened with this:

Hello Americans. One nation. We are together.

Then in typical Democrat race baiting language he went on immediately to tell everyone why we’re not together:

“The conservative voices of America, they are holding you down,” said Schultz. “They don’t believe in your freedom. They want the concentration of wealth. They’ve shipped your job overseas…They suppress your vote.”

Schultz slid in and out of coherency:

To our brothers and sisters who have fallen on hard times in this economic world, we stand with you today as one nation. To our brothers and sisters who have seen their jobs go overseas, we will not let it happen. We will fight back as one nation. To our brothers and sisters who have been discriminated against, this is no time to back down. This is a time to fight for America. You love this country. We died for this country. We will sacrifice for this country. But that sacrifice cannot profit those at the top all the time. This is about the people. This is about one nation. This is about our future. This is about our kids, our grandkids, the future of our country. We cannot back down. We will not back down. We must move forward.

Then he said something really interesting.

We will not let them ruin public education. If we let them do this to public education, we will be a different country. Just remember, the great thing about public education is when the doors open, everyone is welcomed. The gifted, the challenged, the rich, the poor, those who need special help, those who get moved forward in advanced classes. This isn’t about just a few people with the money. This is about all the people in public education for the opportunity of America. We cannot let them tear it down. We must fight. We must push back.

“We will not let them ruin public education.”

Hmmmm. I think it’s too late for that.

Our Children and the Crisis in Education

The winds of education reform are beginning to stir once again. Our collective conscience is being nudged. And there’s good reason. The world has moved into one of the most profound eras of change in human history. Yet our children, for the most part, are simply not prepared for the new reality. The gap is widening. And we know it.

The crisis in education

The crisis in public education is well known. High dropout rates, low test scores, deficits in reading, math, and history, and inarticulate young people who do not read books are so frequently reported in the news that we have almost come to expect bad news about education. Why are these chronic problems so difficult to fix?

The Public-Education Crisis in America

Bad things are going on in America’s public schools. Some complain that teachers are not paid enough, and that spending more money on schools would solve the problem. But there actually is no linkage between budgets and student achievement. Per-pupil spending has been doubled (adjusting for inflation) over the last 30 years, and yet schools aren’t getting better – they’re getting worse.

On the crisis of public education

The crisis of public education has been systematically documented by both the media and the academy during the past half century.

And there are nearly 15 million more examples. The irony is that public education has been in trouble for a very long time, and as liberals have pretty much had their way with it there’s no one else to blame for its condition.

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