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The Global Warming Scam Artists Are Willing To Resort To Murder To Promote The Great Hoax

The Global Warming Hoaxsters are willing to become fascists to frighten and intimidate children and the feeble minded. Their political campaign of international fraud is being ratcheted up to a new level, now that they are being challenged.

How quick they are to show the underbelly of evil that embodies the Hoax of Global Warming.

We can no longer indulge these criminals and their program of intimidation; the Great Hoax must be stopped in every facet of our Community to expose the fraud before it consumes us, all for control producing countries, by Elites and their sanctimonious followers so willing to employ evil or any means to gain control f the world’s superpower. No one assumes that China or Russia will pay more than lip service to the absurdity while waiting for the US and Great Britain to be weakened until they drop to their knees.

These Crypto-Nazis are more than willing to portray the murder of children to promote their scam. Now we must obey their demands or be liquidated. The Maoists and Stalinists of the Global Warming Hoax must be in an orgiastic dream world when they can glimpse the control that Elites are planning.

This film was funded in part by Great Britian, it was pulled within minutes of being shown as a result of public outrage and indignation, it will probably be pulled from You Tube within hours, but there is one copy that will hopefully not disappear from public view.

Watch it if you have a strong stomach and view these sick bastards of International Socialism as they imagine the world after they achieve their dreams of control.

[flv:10-10.flv 550 309]

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