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Like Most Marines, Bielat Refuses To be Intimidated By The Odds

Sean Bielat, Republican candidate running for the 4th District in Massachusetts against Barney Frank is within 10 points and needs our help. Frank is a 14 term incumbent that normally wins with a 65% to 75% lead when Republicans bother to field an opponent. This time fate is with the Republicans and they have fielded a Hell’uva candidate. Bielat is a 35 year old Marine, who spent four years on active duty and is currently a Major in the Marine Reserves. A graduate of Georgetown with a Master’s from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. He has devoted a portion of his civilian life to developing remote control robots that defuse Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq and Afghanistan: in stark contrast to Frank who devoted some of his time to letting his homosexual lover set up a homosexual whore house in Frank’s DC home.

Bielat is a deeply committed man who actually has the welfare of our troops as a major concern rather than advancing the cause of homosexuals in the military. He is a man that could actually be an asset to the country and to the people of Massachusetts.

He decided to make the run after Brown won the Senate seat in January; especially, since Brown carried Frank’s District, the cracks in the Democrat hold on the Liberal state are beginning to show cracks and fissures since the election of Obama and Frank’s disastrous direction of Fannie and Freddy. Brown illustrated that there could be national support to help elect a Republican in Massachusetts and national support is the key to mounting a successful campaign.

“When Scott Brown won the 4th Congressional District, it became clear that not only could a Republican win here,” says Bielat, “but there was a case to be made nationally to donors and supporters that this is winnable.”

National support is key, Bielat believes, given that his opponent is chairman of one of the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill and can raise virtually all the money he wants. But Frank is also one of those liberal Democrats who conservative Republicans love to hate. If GOP donors across the country think there’s a chance to beat him, they’ll start giving. So far, support has been steady but not overwhelming. Bielat has raised about $600,000; Frank has pulled in many times that.

Bielat is a newcomer to the 4th District, he is from Rochester, New York and he moved to the 4th District in 2007. Not surprisingly, a poll taken in mid September showed that 43% had never heard of Bielat, yet he is now trailing by only ten points, Bielat feels he is within striking distance.

When Bielat was asked to name the three worst things Frank has done in office and it becomes apparent the man has done his homework and he knows where to focus his energies when he is elected.

“You’ve got to start with Freddie and Fannie and his unending push to expand homeownership,” Bielat says. “He definitely played an enormous role in getting us where we are today in terms of the real estate bubble and the ensuing financial collapse.”

Number two? “Financial reform, because it doesn’t address Fannie and Freddie and vastly expands oversight of the financial services sector.”

Three? “His view on what government should and should not do.” Simply put, Frank wants an always-expanding federal government, and Bielat doesn’t.

Bielat is especially concerned with runaway entitlement spending, something that few Republicans care to address except for Rep. Paul Ryan, a man for whom Bielat is a fan indicating another focus on his direction if elected.

Asked about his Party’s new Pledge to America, Bielat replied,

“I think it’s fine, but I’m not running on it,” he says. “I wish it had addressed entitlement reform.”

Fair enough, the man is a Consrvative bucking the odds in Liberal Land.

Bill Clinton was called up for service to help bolster Frank’s campaign, this is calling out the heavy artillery for a man who usually wins by 65% to 75%: this alone means Frank is desperate and he is likely to end up in defeat, especially if Bielat can mount an effectual campaign over the next month.

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