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Colbert’s Charade As An Expert Of Illegal Alien Farm Workers Before A Congressional Committee

The recent appearance Of Colbert, the low brow comic who made a fool of himself and made Congress look like a burlesque caricature of itself, has revealed an even deeper problem with Congress that is not being addressed and only serves to weaken the country further; a preoccupation that the Obama Administration seems to have had as a priority since assuming office.

Ironically, the chairman of the House Judicial Committee responsible for investigating ethics violations like those against Maxine Waters D-CA and Charley Rangel D-NY. These charges have been ignored by the Democrats for months. Consequently, the mid-term election will be waged without revealing the corruption that appears to have the tacit approval of Democrat leaders and the party.

On Sept. 24, the House was shamed before the country and the world by Zoe Lofgren, who was responsible for asking Colbert to testify before Congress on the issue of migrant workers who are usually in the country illegally. Colbert launched into a comedy routine to supposedly belittle the issue and the integrity of congress. Republican committee member Steve King and Democrat John Conyers questioned whether Colbert’s testimony was appropriate and necessary: Lofgren was anxious to let the comedy routine go on, a decision that has angered Republicans and Democrats. In a period of economic recession, the congress wasted $125,000 listening to a contrived comedy routine aimed at Republicans, to many Americans, this represents a typical silly episode and waste of money by congress. When the public’s approval of congress is near single the digit stage, it was a stupid move, but with Pelosi and Lofgren reveling pn Colbert’s appearance, what can we expect?

As the immigration subcommittee hearing began, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., praised Colbert for drawing a crowd but then asked the comedian to leave the room – and to leave the job of testifying to the expert witnesses.

“You run your show, we run the committee,” said Conyers.

Colbert said that he was there at the invitation of subcommittee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif. Conyers later gave him the go-ahead, apparently hoping that Colbert would counter the testimony of a poli-sci professor who said that illegal immigrants were competing with black and Hispanic citizens for jobs.

Conyers conceded to Lofgren and Cplbert was allowed to do his comedy routine.

Before Colbert could speak, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) praised “The Colbert Report” – and then asked if the comedian would be willing to submit his testimony in writing and leave the hearing without speaking.

Some in the room gasped. Colbert muttered into the mic, “No hablo ingles,” before straightening up and asking Lofgren, the subcommittee chairwoman, if she’d prefer if he left the room. She did not.

Conyers subsequently withdrew his request and Colbert began speaking – quickly moving past his somber prepared remarks in favor of the comedy many had turned out to see.

In defense of Conyers, he realized the potential for disaster and asked Colbert to leave. Colbert refused unless Lofgren asked him to leave, when Lofgren assured Conyers that Colbert’s testimony was important, Conyers allowed the comedy routine proceed.

Using Orwell’s Double Speak or what is now becoming known as Obama Speak, Pelosi weighs in on the Colbert Congress.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed it “great” that a celebrity such as Colbert “can bring attention to an important issue like immigration.

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