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Ah yes….this makes sense eh? (h/t Tom Nelson)

It may be too late to reverse some of the devastating effects of a warmer earth, author and environmentalist Bill McKibben told a standing-room only crowd at the College of the Holy Cross Monday night.

In a folksy cadence more akin to his roots as a Methodist Sunday school teacher than climate change activist, Mr. McKibben apologized in advance for “bumming people out,” but declared the situation around the planet isn’t good.

Having spent his career writing and reporting about climate change, Mr. McKibben said the planet is heating up faster than scientists had predicted.

Same old tune from this guy, here he is two years ago:

Act now, we’re told, if we want to save the planet from a climate catastrophe. Trouble is, it might be too late. The science is settled, and the damage has already begun.

And he does his best writing books to scare any who will listen (granted, they might have a combined brain cell count of 2) that we’re doomed….dooooooooomed I say:

Bill McKibben, probably the nation’s leading environmentalist, argues in “Eaarth’’ that we have already so thoroughly altered the physical features of the planet (to an extent that he has renamed it with an extra “a’’) that we must start preparing for a radically simplified lifestyle. Important strands of environmental thought merge in McKibben’s new book, making for some truly scary reading and prompting urgent questions about the nature of the environmental catastrophe at hand.

Sheesh, scary scary scary….whatever will we do?

Not listen to this nutcase for one:

The three warm-color time series are taken from Hansen’s published testimony in June 1988 in which global surface air temperatures were projected under three scenarios by his global climate model.

The red curve follows a scenario (A) of continued emissions growth based on the previous 20 years before 1988 (which turned out to be an underestimate of actual emissions growth.) The orange represents a scenario (B) of fixed emissions at the rate achieved in the 1980s. The yellow curve portrays a scenario (C) in which “a drastic reduction” in GHG emissions is assumed for 1990-2000. The observations are global tropospheric temperatures adjusted to mimic the magnitude of surface temperature variability and trends according to published climate model simulations (i.e. a reduction in satellite anomalies by 0.83.)

So ah….warming more than scientists imagined…not so much.

The facts won’t stop this guy tho. He said in 2008 that he can see riots and such coming from the hippies and greenies:

The big actions, like the one my friend’s worked on at the C.I.A., are coming on the climate front, it’s only a matter of time. Maybe sooner than we think as founder Bill McKibben says- “It’ll happen. Keep your eyes open in D.C.,“

And after getting rebuffed by the White House a few weeks ago admitted he is helping to lead the way in the planning of such events:

Actually, I’ll be surprised if the White House doesn’t put up solar panels within a year. But even if they do, that would just be the barest of beginnings. Which is why, with other environmental leaders, we recently issued a call for ideas about a campaign of civil disobedience next spring — at power plants and coal mines but at White Houses too, if they don’t turn at least a little green.

One EnviroNut found the light….I don’t think McKibben will tho, the mans a walking billboard of the apocalypse.

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