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Criminy these people are idiots. Here is Think Progress:

Now, with the help of a Freedom of Information Act request, the National Security Archive has obtained a newly declassified document that details talking points that emerged from a meeting between Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and CENTCOM Commander General Tommy Franks in November 2001.

The talking points mainly revolve around the logistical planning for a war in Iraq. They detail the “decapitation” of the Iraqi government by U.S. forces and make regime change the goal. Interestingly, they already mention U.S. forces “coming out of Afghanistan” to join the invasion of Iraq. Yet the most alarming part of the document is a bullet point titled,

“How start?” (which is a discussion that actually appears after the planning of the entire war). The participants in the Rumsfeld-Frank meeting discussed possible ways to provoke a conflict with Iraq, including an attack by Saddam Hussein against the Kurdish north, the U.S. discovering a “Saddam connection” to 9/11 or the anthrax attacks, or a dispute over WMD inspections. It appears from the language of the talking points that the Bush administration had already decided to go to war with Iraq and was looking for an opportunity to invade


So in a lefty’s world the leader of the free world, and his administration, should not PLAN for all events? Should we just wait until an event happens or should we maybe….I don’t know….plan ahead?

Do they really think the Obama administration isn’t trying to stay 2 steps ahead of world events?

I mean come on….

Mac at Macsmind:

No, dumbasses. This is a situational assessment, not a planning war document. I’m quite familiar with the memo and the notes. They look at three specific scenarios that might occur that would lead to a conflict with Iraq.

1. An attack by Saddam on the Kurds (something the Clinton administration constantly feared), and in fact briefed the incoming Bush administration about.

2. “If” it were determined that Saddam had any connection to 9/11, which wasn’t absolutely certain in November of 2001, or.

3. The third scenario which Saddam actually violated, stalling WMD weapon inspections.

The whole post at George Soros site above is just mind numbingly retarded.

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