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One of our readers, James Raider, left a significant commentary that haunted me all through work yesterday. The discussion centered around the Great Hoax, “Global Warming” and how the Obama Administration is repackaging the idea as Global Climate Disturbance to try and trick the public into falling for a new myth.

While we get bombarded by pleadings for money to send food to various corners of the globe, the challenge which should be addressed more effectively is how to get “Education” to these impoverished places. You never see any ads pleading for your cash to send education to a village in Africa. Yet, if anything, that is where the money should go. The pleading television commercials are the same one we watched 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and 30 years ago. The only thing that has changed is the amount of money requested. I’ve participated very directly, supporting research projects providing technology to kids who barely had electricity. The results were incontrovertible.

The new technologies and the Internet provide incredible opportunities to implement a quantum leap in the education of isolated kids, bypassing our 600 year old antiquated system. Skook, on a previous post, actually hit that nail on the head.

Most impoverished countries, if not all of them, are run by dictators who are supported by the likes of Gore, Clinton etc. While I don’t see Gore as insane, I do see him as not having been gifted with much intelligence, and being a self-serving charlatan getting too much energy in his sail from Hollywood. Distributing knowledge, and stimulating interaction between all sectors of the globe’s popoulations is the answer.

Building a theory out of manipulated and flawed data is ludicrous: crippling the economic might of the United States to support a Marxist concept of “Wealth Redistribution” among the dictators of Third World Countries approaches the sublime of absurdity; yet, Americans are in danger of falling for the idea to appease their own guilt ridden consciences- a guilt that has derived from living in comparative luxury when looking at most of the Third World. Buying weaponry and feeding an army for thug dictators often makes sense to the Socialist, it does nothing to ease the pain and suffering within a country.

Mr Raider is correct, the answer lies within education- an education is a long term investment in the environment and in fighting poverty; consequently, education will also reduce rampant overpopulation or raising more kids than you can feed. No, I am not referring to the covert Socialist indoctrination currently being taught in our public school curriculum: I am proposing a course in English, the international language of business, and would be strictly for those children who were motivated to improve their life. Courses would be apolitical and start in the primary grades and finish at grade 10 or 12 depending on whether a student chose a trade school or university curriculum. The program would only be available to highly motivated students and built upon the three R’s of an earlier age Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic with a generous dose of US Hstory thrown in.

To illustrate implementation of this program we should take a country mired in corruption and poverty, our nearest Third World Country, Mexico. A Spanish speaking teacher or administrator could be placed in a Mexican village, a building would be rented and classes would begin. Students that were motivated enough to keep up with the curriculum would be given an excellent opportunity; since, education in Mexico is no longer free after the primary grades and faced with feeding a family or educating his kids, the campesino will feed his family, education is expensive in Mexico if it is available. The instructor would basically oversee the education and the time spent on a battery of computers that would be linked directly to a main office. By the time the first students progressed through ten or twelve grades there could be a college course available and the trades could be offered, with technical information on the computer and volunteers teaching the practical applications of welding, mechanics, machining, plumbing, business, and carpentry at centers in the states.

Do I think such a program is practical? Yes, it is if we keep out the corrupting influences of unions and the Socialist indoctrination of Obama Progressives. Our own children will be able to break free of the Socialist indoctrination of public education through the use of the computer within the next few years, Despite the battle that will waged by the Teacher’s Unions to maintain the status quo and their power as chief washers of the brains. After our children can have access to a superior education by turning on their virtual school in the morning, motivated students will advance at their own rate without being held back by unmotivated students and sub-standard teachers. A designation, teachers’ unions refuse to acknowledge.

Thus the cost of an excellent education can be kept within reach of the average American family, a public eduction will also be possible for motivated children from Third World Nations. The education in the poor countries should be provided free, while the organization provides the laptops that never leave the school, pays the single teacher and rents the building. The only tuition should be the willingness to learn and prepare to be a leader in the future. The advantage is that there will be leaders in the future who will know how to lead a country without Marxist Thugs and intimidation. Progress will be measured in actually relieving some of the world’s problems rather than feeding the problems with US dollars and enabling Marxist Thugs with Cap and Trade Dollars, while they salivate at the prospect of becoming international millionaires off the corruption of American leaders and the gullibility of its citizenry.

Yes this is only the out line for a plan and it is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as the billions of dollars we have fed into these Third World Cess Pools and the Marxists that run them with negligible results if any and not nearly as expensive as the thousands of billions more we plan to feed once again to these Marxists Thugs so that they can unleash unknown horrors on their captive audiences of ignorant citizens.

Could this plan work? Hell yes! Much better than the previous programs with their dubious achievements; unfortunately, it will take at least a decade to see the benefits, but the benefits will be real.

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