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California might be gazing into a $20 billion deficit abyss, but it doesn’t stop them from hosting their own version of “Who wants to be an illegal alien millionaire.”

Fernando Ramirez, a 24 year old illegal alien was arrested for molesting a 6 year old child in Orange County.

Fernando Ramirez, 24, was in jail after being charged with molesting a 6-year-old girl at a local park. He eventually pled guilty to the lesser charge of battery against a child.

He was held in Orange County Central jail, where other prisoners let Ramirez know that they took exception to child molesters by beating the snot out of him.

According to his attorney, Ramirez suffered brain damage and now needs help walking. Attorney Mark Eisenberg also claims that his client has been left with an intellect of a 4-year-old child.

Prior to the beating, he was reported to have had the intellect of an illegal alien child molester. So it’s not all bad.

For his efforts, Ramirez was awarded $3.75 million, plus an additional $900,000 in medical expenses. That’s pretty good money for a an hour’s work. It’s California’s early version of the DREAM Act.

His attorney scooped up a cool million for a short closed door meeting with County Supervisors.

We should remember that lawyers who do not chase ambulances, like Mark Eisenberg, do their work for free. Just like we see advertized on television. What we do not see on television is that lawyers like Eisenberg work on a “contingency fee” basis. That means that if they take your case (and they will not take it unless they reckon they will win), they will take a share of the winnings — usually at least 30 percent. In this case, that means Eisenberg took home over $1 million of Orange County taxpayer money. Not bad for a quick closed-door decision by the supervisors.

So California has created at least two new millionaires.

The abuse of the system doesn’t end there either:

A 2008 New York Times article told the incredible story of a 1999 Florida car crash which left Guatemalan national Luis Alberto Jimenez’s with severe and permanent physical and mental injuries. After spending more than $1 million on Jimenez’s treatment, and failed attempts to secure assistance from the government of Guatemala, the Florida hospital eventually paid to fly Jimenez back to his own country.

The incredible part of the story…Jimenez is sued the Florida hospital, which he claimed “falsely imprisoned” him and deported him against his will, to avoid anymore unpaid medical bills.

Last year, a jury sided with the hospital and Jimenez’s lawsuit was dismissed.

And then there’s drug smuggler Osvalda Aldrete-Davila, who sued because his right to bring 100 kilos of marijuana into the US was abridged.

This is all bullsh*t. If you don’t want your ass beaten in jail, don’t do things that get your ass beaten in jail.


I can’t say this better than Dave Gibson:

I don’t know which is more outrageous, the now-daily accounts of illegal aliens raping our women and children; our elected officials allowing our land to be transformed into a Third World nation; criminal aliens getting rich off of the U.S. taxpayers: or a complicit mainstream press, eager to assist in the cover-up of our destruction.

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