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You really have to wonder if destroying this country is Barack Obama’s intent. His war on America continues.

Violence at the Mexican border is becoming horrible.

Mexico has seen unprecedented gang violence since President Felipe Calderon stepped up the fight against drug trafficking when he took office in December 2006, deploying thousands of troops and federal police to cartel strongholds.

In 2008, a war began between the Juarez and Sinaloa drug cartels. Since then, more than 28,000 people have been killed in violence tied to Mexico’s drug war.

In our backyard

Dona Ana County with about 53 miles of international boundary is one of three New Mexican counties that borders Mexico.

While Obama takes a “what me worry?” attitude towards this issue, he persecutes those who would uphold the law. Obama has joined a foreign nation in suing Arizona.

Obama calls out Arizona in a report to the UN Human Rights Commission.

Joe Arpaio, a stalwart defender of the border of the United States, finds himself under federal investigation.

Arrests of illegals is way down.

But under President Obama, the numbers of arrests and deportations of illegals taken into custody at work sites plummeted by more than 80 percent from the last year of the Bush administration. In the current fiscal year 2010, which ends Sept. 30, ICE has arrested 900 workers.

Backdoor amnesty looms

Outlining ways in which the government can provide “relief” to illegal immigrants, the memo suggests delaying deportation for some (perhaps even indefinitely) or granting green cards to others. A spokesman for the agency told the Associated Press that this document shouldn’t be “equated with official action or policy,” and represented only “deliberation and exchange of ideas.” But that’s a hard sell: This memo has all the hallmarks of the administration’s refusal to pursue its policy agenda in an open and democratic way.

As noted here at FA, Obama knowingly killed off 23,000 jobs in the Gulf. This action has made the United States even more dependent on foreign oil, not less.

Obama can’t wait to make our electricity rates “skyrocket” with his Crap and Trade plans.

Obama’s Pentagon granted MOVE waivers so states can ignore the votes of those in military service.

I have written previously here at PJM that all waiver requests should be denied. Unfortunately, if you are an overseas servicemember from Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, or Washington, the protections in the MOVE Act aren’t going to apply to you this year. And if you are from one of the states who still aren’t in compliance with MOVE — like Colorado, Wisconsin, or Alaska — don’t be surprised if you get scant help from Attorney General Eric Holder.

It’s really difficult to find anything that Obama has done that has been good for this country.

And just wait until he raids your 401K to fund union pensions.

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