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Judicial Watch filed a new brief on behalf of Arizona asking the 9th Circuit to reverse the injunction granted by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.

According to the new brief: “Even though the Arizona Legislature has done nothing more than enact a series of law enforcement provisions under its well-recognized police powers to protect its citizens from serious public safety concerns, the district court has denied Arizona law enforcement officers the opportunity to reasonably interpret and apply the provisions in a constitutionally valid manner.”

On July 28, 2010, pursuant to a lawsuit filed by the Obama administration, a federal court put a hold on four of SB 1070’s key provisions until such time as the court determines that they are constitutionally sound. Judicial Watch addressed the legality of all four provisions in its appellant brief.

State Senator Pearce:

…I hope the appeals court allows our state to enforce the rule of law because the Obama administration doesn’t seem to care one whit for the safety of the citizens of Arizona. SB 1070 simply reflects federal immigration law. This Obama team doesn’t want immigration laws enforced — but that doesn’t mean that Arizona can’t take common sense steps to protect its own citizens.

I’m not holding my breath that the worst appeals court in the land will see it the same way. Supreme Court here we come.

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