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This should be awesome! Here is Blago speaking to Chris Wallace this morning:

It’s political horse trading that the prosecutors are trying to criminalize and they weren’t able to do it without putting on a defense. If we put on a defense and properly explain these things I think the jury will see it for exactly what it is. Political horse trading. Never about campaign funds. I never made a decision to do that. The decision I made was to make a political deal. The Attorney General of Illinoise whose father was blocking the public works bill in exchange to appoint her to the Senate, I wanted the jobs created, 500,000 jobs, Health care expansion and promise not to raise taxes. Rahm Emanuel, the day before my arrest was the guy to make the deal happen. And I spoke to Harry Reid and [Sen. Robert] Menendez and I spoke to them on the telephone and they were about to help.

Now, we know the re-trial will not happen before the mid-terms but still, imagine if he could get Rahm and Reid up on the stand to testify to this “political horse trading”…whoa boy. On top of this bribe and this one, I bet the prosecutor could come up with some very damaging questions.

Whats the odds of a pardon before that happens?

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